Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lexington and Concord 19 April 1775

To put some presure on my self and my painting shedule I plan to have a 235 year celebration gaming session for my friends on the 19th of april. We will play a Lexington och Concord scenario with the Black Powder rules.

North Bridge, Concord 19 april 1775 by Don Troiani

I hope to update my blog more frequently about my painting progress before the Lexington and Concord gaming session:)

Minis needed for the scenario:

2x Light infantry units 8 minis each
1x Grenadier unit 18 minis
4x Line Infantry units 17 minis each. 5th, 18th, 44th,
1x 6pdr artillery with 4 crew and Limber
2 Commanders

Minimum, Preferebly a little more
3x Skirmishing Riflemen units 6 minis each. unit-1,
4x Militia units 15 minis each, unit-1,
1x Commander

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