Monday, April 26, 2010

Bunker Hill 17 June 1775

The war is on!

The British flank companys took a real beating in our Lexington and Concord game. The American Militia have now surounded Boston and the town are besieged.

My next painting goal are to be able to field forces for a 235 year anniversary game of the Battle at Bunker Hill 17 june 1775.

Forces I plan to have in the scenario:

2 Commanders (1 finished, 1 to do)
6 Units of Militia (4 finished, 2 to do)
2 Units of Skirmish militia (2 finished)
1 Light Artillery (1 to do)

2 Commanders (2 finished)
1 Unit of grenadiers (1 finished)
2 Units of Light Infantry (2 Small units finished)
5-6 Units of Line Infantry (4 finished, 1-2 to do)
2 Units of Foot Artillery (1 finished, 1 to do)

I will continue to paint the American Militia units, as I got the Last command minis from Perrys last Friday, and then continue to complement the British. I alsoe have to build some sort of field work for the Amerikans to take cover behind...

Bunker Hill by Don Troiani

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  1. Look forward to seeing it all, you should finish your project before I've even started mine!