Friday, April 30, 2010

Battle of Alma

Tomorrow I and some friends will play Battle of Alma 20th September 1854, the first battle of the Crimean war using the scenarion in the Black Powder rulebook as inspiration.

My friend Oskar have had a painting Frenzy last weeks In less than 3 weeks he have painted both armys using 15mm minis, it is about 500 infantry, 160 Cavalry, 8 guns with crew and some limbers and 12 commanders ! Not entirely true, some of us was forced to help him out...but I think he have painted about 90% of them.

Tomorrow I will act as the british C-in-C, the easely confused Lord Raglan. I have made a realy good plan for us to beat the...French...or was it Russians.... ENEMY :)

The secret battle plan...

The even more secret British OOB....please don´t tell the French...I mean RUSSIANS !


C-in-C Lord Raglan (Dalauppror)

Guards Brigade: General Bentinck (Matts)

3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards

1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards

1st Battalion, Scots Fusilier Guards

Two field batteries Royal Artillery

Highland Brigade: Major General Campbell (Sverre)

42nd Highlanders

79th Highlanders

93rd Highlanders

Fourth Brigade: Brigadier-General Pennefather (Lasse)

30th Regiment

55th Regiment

95th Rifles

Light Brigade: Major-General the Earl of Cardigan (Fredrik O)

4th Light Dragoons

8th Hussars

11th Hussars

13th Light Dragoons

17th Lancers

One Troop of Royal Horse Artillery

Heavy Brigade - Brigadier Scarlett (Tomas L)

1st Royal Dragoons

2nd Royal North British Dragoons, The Scots Greys

4th Dragoon Guards

5th Dragoon Guards

6th Inniskilling Dragoons

I hope to give you a AAR of our gaming during next week.

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