Friday, February 11, 2011

AAR Lithuanians vs. Polish

On our club meeting last monday we had a first game with my newly rebased Impetus armies. This was a small intro game as several of the participants haden´t played Impetus before.

We played on a 60x120cm board with a small village, a frozen field and some woods. Both armys was made up of 180 points.

Lithuanian Army
1xCL Lithuanian Nobles(*Fair General)
5xCL Lithuanians
1xFL Spearmen
CS:Average VDT 9/5

Polish Army
1xCP Polish Nobles(*Fair General)
2xCP Polish Knights
1xCL Horse Archers
2xT Archers
1xS Slingers
CS:Poor VDT:13/7

Here are a picture of the set up. The Lithuanians set up to the left and The Polish at the right. The Polish commanders was given the option to use there mounted Nobles as CM-Cavalry or CP-Knights...they choose the Knights...and they placed a Archer unit in the vilage to defend it...

Turn 1
The Lithuanians won the initiative and split there forces...a small one moving to the left flank, aiming for the village and a larger one moving to the right trying planing to move around the forest and attack the polish in the flank/back....

The Polish Just moved forward...the archers got to eager and tryed a doubble move and got disorder (the deadman marker at the back of the base...), the Horse Archers was sent to help out defending the village and the slinges occupying the wood on their left flank...

Turn 2
The Polish won the initiative...the Archers gathered them selfs and made a more cautious advance...The Nobles that were Impetuous was forced to wheele and move against the Lithuanian Light Horses...

The Lithuanians on the left flank moved closer to the vilage and the ones on the right flank splited up to be able to move around the they got to eager to reach their goal they all got disordered...but they managed to chase away the Polish Slingers in the progress...

Turn 3
The Lithuanians moved first on the left flank they moved in to close range of the Polish Horse Archers and started a exchange of fire...Javelins vs. Arrows... The Javelins proven stronger this time and the poor Polish Horse Archers fleed the field...On the Right flank the Lithuanian Light Horse started in Disorder but managed to move some anyway...

The Polish archers in the village moved out to meet the Lithuanian threat... The Polish Knights was forced by there impetuous to move against the nerest enemy unit started to split up and to move against both flanks AND to ride right trough the poor peasant archers...the confusion was total...

Turn 4
The Polish side won the initiative and continued to move against the closest enemy, over at the Village the Knights even managed to charge some Lithuenian Light Hose That chose to stand as they had some Polish archers in the line of retreat....The Lithuanian Light Horses was massacred bu the Knights...

Some of the Lithuanians started move bac´k to defent their camp and to force the Polish to split up there Knights even more...

Turn 5 and 6
In the heat of the battle I forgot to take some photos...the last one are just before we ended the game after 6 turns.

The Polish Knights continued to move after the Lithuanians that showering them with javelins before they were forced to recive the Knigthly charge (no room left to escape on) The Knights dident mamage to do much damage due to bad dice rolling.... So we ended the game then the gathered Lithuanina forces managed to kill of the Polish General with lots of javelins...
The Lithuanians lost 2VDT and The Polish lost 8VDT including the general....

All that participated seemed to have a realy good time and the rules worked fine even as almost all were beginners using Impetus, this will definitely be played again:)


  1. thanks for this aar
    i'm a fan of your site
    you choose basing for impetus
    you won't play anymore fog ?
    i will be afraid that a new rule use a dbx basing
    i like the diversity of your site (many rule/painting)

  2. Thanks Marco, glad that you like my blog:) The diversity are because I have a hard time focus on one project, I get so mych influence and inspiration all around...

    I choose to re-base these 2 old DBA army for Impetus, as I didn´t like to play Impetus with 4DBx bases as a much work to move them around;) and I plan to base my 28mm 15th centery Swedish/Union army for Impetus, as I realy like the big bases and the oportunity to make some diorama approach.

    The rest of my 15mm I will keep with DBx bases (Medieval Swedish/Union, Catalan Company and my Ancient British) and will probebly game some more FoG, I would like to try out FoG 2.0. But I realy thing FoG are a little to rule heavy for me...

    As I realy like Black Powder I have big hopes for the new Hail Cesar rules that are in the pipeline.

    Best regards Dalauppror

  3. A good AAR, thanks for posting :-)