Sunday, February 27, 2011


When I was mixing up the Perry and the Gripping Beast plastic minis I just had to build some vikings and make a first base of vikings in shield wall formation, they are based on a 8x4cm base, and I think that I have to make me some a small side project...


  1. Good job! I am looking forward to the rest if this "small" side project.

  2. Thanks !!!

    we will see then the rest of this "small" side project will emerge...but I allways wanted a Viking army...but if I make me one I realy need a historical opponent dont I...

    Best regards Dalauppror

  3. Dalauppror,

    I also wanted to mention that I like how you arranged 8 figures on the stand so it looks like they are in shield-wall formation. I have to admit that I refer back to your site sometimes for inspiration.

    As far as an opponent for the Vikings, you have a ton of options! Do them all! :)


  4. Thanks Chad !

    I´m glad that you notice my mini arrangemnet on the bases, the larger bases give the possibility to move them around a bit and I realy try to put some effort in geting them in the right place on the base and get some some sort of action posee...and try to avoid geting duplicates to nerar each other...

    not all but may be Saxons...and Normans...and...

    Nest regards dalauppror