Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lithuanian Army 13th Century

Here are some pictures of my 13th Century Lithuanian army for Impetus after the Extreme DBA Army Makeover...

I have now started the Extreme DBA Army Makeover for my Early polish DBA army...I will have to paint some extra cavalry minis to them and I hope to have the first pictures by the middle of this week...

I realy looking forward to be able to play my first games with the armys...suppouse I have to make me some winter terrain to...


  1. I really like your winter theme for your Lithuanian army.
    Keep it up, it's a pleasure to follow your progress

  2. Very nice, but I couldn't imagine that a Lithuanian army could have so much skirmishers and so... But this could be a very good choice if you have to fight heavely mounted teutones :)

  3. As always, very nicely done. :-)