Friday, May 20, 2011

AAR First Hail Caesar game...

Yesterday I and my friend Björn had a first go with the new rules Hail Caesar. I had put together a small scenario based on the battle at Cissa in 218BC. We used the Björns stunning Romans and carthagian 28mm minis. 2 bases with 8 minis each was a average unit, and we playd om a 120x180mm table. I realy like Black Powder for my AWI games and Hail Caesar will probably be my primary ancient/medieval they are quite easy and gives a realy good game.

Order of Battle Rome

Right Flank: General, Publius Cornelius Scipio
1 Unit of Equites
2 Units of Legionaries
1 Units of Velites

Center: C-in-C, Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio Calvus
3 Units of Legionaries
2 Units of Velites

Left Flank: General, Fechoría (Celto-Iberian Allied)
2 Units of Celto-Iberian Scutarii

Order of Battle Carthage

Right Flank: General, Fredo
2 Units of Carthagian - Light Infantry
1 Units of Carthagian - Skirmish infantry

Center: C-in-C, Hanno
4 Units of Carthagian - Heavy infantry
2 Units of Carthagian - Skirmish infantry

Left Flank: General, Ebros
1 Unit of Carthagian - Medium Cavalry
2 Units of Carthagian - Light Cavalry

Here are some pictures from the game and last you have the "scenario"


  1. Excellent battle report - two wonderfully painted armies to game with.

    How long did a game that size take with Hail Caesar?

  2. From what i have read by various people, I really like the fact that HC seems to deliver a fun game without that element of competition that is prevalent in many rule sets.

    I can't wait to play a game myself :O)

    Great battle report- the extras such as the OOB and the maps are a great addition.


  3. THANKS !

    about 4 houres to set up, play, eat a burger, dring a beer, and put the minis away again anda take photos during play, check the rules several times... I guess it would have taked about 2-3 houres if all the extra moment wasn´t there...

    Best regards dalauppror

  4. Well, What is your opinion about the rules?

  5. Dalauppror
    Great AAR! Looks like it was a good game. I am curious about the base depth. Looks like the loose infantry are on 80mmx60mm? Is that right?

    Best regards

  6. I´m a sucker for Black Powder, based on 1 game I will be a sucker for Hail Caesar to... This is the kind of rules that give me the kind of game I like, good to look at, easy rules, you get to roll a fair amount of dice, you can set it up, play and store the minia away in one eavning... and still get time over for a Burger, a beer and some analyse of the game.

    Thanks Chad ! Yes Björn have based all he´s medium foot on 80x60mm bases (6 minis) the Skirmishers are 3 minis on 80x30mm and the heavy infantry (Hoplites and Legioners) are 8 minis on a 80x40mm, and the mounted troops are on 80x80mm 2 minis for Light Horsed and 5 minsi for Cavalry.

    Best regards Dalauppro