Thursday, May 26, 2011

The rumour are true...

...I have rebased my 15th century Swedish minis for my Kalmar Union Project...I have droped the Impetus bases and started to use 40x40mm bases with 3 minis on each base instead...WHY? you may ask...

First my 2mm MDF bases started to warp, so I had to rebase them anyway.

Second the large 120x60mm bases was very nice BUT it is more convenient to have them on the smaler bases, this gives me more options regarding troop organisations and trying out different rules as I´m not sure that I will use Impetus Rules for this Project.

I do´t realy like the offical classing of the Swedish militia troops in Impetus and I will try out several different rulse, i.e. Impetus, Hail Caesar, Bloody Barons etc.

So the new basing for infantry are 3 minis on a 40x40mm base and for cavalry 2 minis on a 40x60mm base wich I also will use for Generals.

Here are a first picture of the Commander in 1464 rebellion, Bishop Kettil Karlsson from the House of Vasa on he´s new 40x60mm base...

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