Saturday, May 28, 2011

House of Tott

Here are the first pictures of some of my 15th Century infantry on 40x40mm bases. This are a small unit, will probably have 2 more bases, of Danish and German Mercenarys under the command of the Brothers Erik and Ivar Axelsson of the House of Tott.

Coat of Arms for the House of Tott

The Noblemen of the House of Tott started out as Union/Danish supporters but in 1466 they switched sides and declared war on the Danish King Christian I and started to support and fight for the Rebel side...

Danish infantry unit

Brothers Erik and Ivar Axelsson of the House of Tott

Danish and German Mercenarys


  1. Again some inspirational figures....I've been interested in the 15th Century wars in Sweden for some years now. I am tempted,having seen your figures, to take my interest and do something with it for Basic Impetus.
    It can be hard to find good info in English. What do you think of the Osprey book for the period for example?

  2. Thanks !

    Yes it is realy hard to find anything about the Kalmar Union and Sweden in the 15th century in English. The only book that I Know of are the Men-at-Arms 399 Medieval Scandinavian Armies (2)
    1300–1500. But alsoe the Men-at-Arms 166 German Medieval Armies 1300–1500 are good regarding all the german mercenarys in the danish army.

    You might alsoe take a look at
    Men-at-Arms 396 Medieval Scandinavian Armies (1)
    1100–1300 and Men-at-Arms 436 The Scandinavian Baltic Crusades 1100–1500

    All three "Scandinavian" Ospery books have the Swedish David Lindholm as authour he are a MA of University of Lund in Sweden where he studied medieval archaeology, history and ethnology. He is also a specialist of medieval weaponry and warfare, and I think he have made a good work with these books.

    It is a shame that not the Historical Professor Dick Harrisons
    book about King Charles Knutsson Bonde
    ( have been translated to english. The book tell the story of the only man that been king 3 times in Sweden...he was a main carachter during a greater part of the 15th century.

    I am not sure that I realy like the classing of the swedish allmoge for Impetus...they have as in DBx splited them in one part Heavy Infantry/Bd and one part Medium Foot Crossbowmen... in FoG they have them in mixed units that are better but half of them are still Heavy Foot...that makes them useles in wich they should be quite good. I havent tryed it but my intention for Impetus was to grade them as: Swedish Allmoge; Light Infantry (FL); V=8; VBU=4; I=1; D=C; VD=2; 14pts Crossbow B AND they may form Large units (no cost reduction for 2:nd rank), Might be able to upgrade a few units as Darlecarlian Allmoge to D=B Cost of 19pts for each unit.

    ...and ofcourse the possibility to field Bråtar/Baricades...

    Best regards dalauppror

  3. I just saw this post, and I must say that I am always happy to see my old relatives come back alive!


  4. Hi Johathan

    Glad you like them! I hope you feel that they are propper representation of your old relatives. I´m glad that they alsoe left the dark side and moved over to the Right side;)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  5. Haha, me too! They look so much better than my old DBA scandinavian "others" army. ;)

  6. I got one ot thoes "Other" armys to;) ended up in a FoG army...that haven´t been used for a couple of years...


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