Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kalmar Union War for basic Impetus...

On request I have put together a basic Impetus armylist for "Rebell Swedish" and "Union/Danish" armys ranging from 1434-1471 i.e. from the Engelbrekt rebellion to Battle at Brunkeberg. I haven´t tryed them out yet, but I hope that they work... might be some changes in the future after some playtesting;)

To the Allmoge units I would use about 10 minis, 50% crossbow/longbow and 50% with different kinds of handweapon,polearms, spears and improvised weapons, I would even mix in a knight or two in some unit as the nobles often disounted and led the allmoge by example.

I would alsoe use all sorts of armour ranging from non to full plate for the knights, the allmoge troops used what armour they coud get hold of even if it was obsolete. Iron hats was comon and the occasional shield of all sorts, from the old round shield to the knight sort.

I hope this have given you some guidence...


  1. Many,may thanks for posting- I feel another project coming on...
    I meant to say the other day what do you think of Lapps on elk/reindeer as scouts?
    Would you also use barricades of fallen trees as talked about before.
    Finally what BI arm list would you use for the 1502 period- pto landknects against Swedish militia?
    best wishes

  2. Hi Alan

    Thanks glad you are interested in the period:)

    Please don´t use elks Samis (Don´t think they like the term Lapps) on elks/reindeer, I have not read any thing about it I dont know were the DBM army lists have got i from. The Samis uses sledges hauled by Reindeer.

    As a minority people the Samis have historical been a oppressed people in the Swedish society, like many native peoples. They diden´t want to take part in worldly conflicts not of their interest.

    For scouts I would go for Skirunners in the winter or Mounted Knechts in the summer.

    The Swedish allmoge did extensive use of tree baricades, I included a Special Rule in the army list representing this:

    "All allmoge units that deploys within 1 base width of woods may deploy behind barricades, they nullify Impetus bonus if charged frontally by Mounted Troops."

    I have put together a BI army list for the later period to, it will be up on the blog in a day or so;)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  3. Nicely done Dalauppror :-)


  4. Thanks Jason

    Let me know if you try it out.

    Best regards Dalauppror

  5. I really look forward to the later BI army list...
    Finally some questions- in the winter campaigns would many of the allmoge have skis or only scouts? Were the skis one larger than the other in a pair like late Norwegian skilober? I assume supplies were carried in sleighs and artillery on skis too?

  6. Hi Alan

    I won´t be able to finish the Later list untill next week, hope you can wait...

    Winter campaigns...are you planing a winter them army?

    It is told that during the Swedish King Charles VIII Knutsson attack on Scania in Februari 1452 he´s scouts had Skis... and the artillery, 20? guns was transported on sleighs. It is not mention anything about how the rest of the infantry was transported, but I asume they also used skis och sleighs as transports.

    I supous it dosen´t realy matter as they would never use them in the battle just for transport to the battle...but it could be a nice camp with tents, sleights and large snowdrifts...

    How the skis looked like I don´t realy know but it is said that they only used one staff...possibly they used theirs spears/polearms as staffs as it is hard to both have a separate staff and carry weapons...

    Best regards Dalauppror

  7. Yes I am indeed tempted by a winter army...
    How do you model snow- I'm thinking of bicarbonate soda to depict the snow...
    best wishes
    p.s I look forward to the list when you get a chance

  8. Hi Alan

    I would not use bicarbonate soda, I think it get to Icey... Then I made my vinter bases for my 15mm Polish and Lithuanian Impetus armys I used Games Workshop snow and I thik it turned out well.
    here you can se the polish army: http://dalauppror.blogspot.com/2011/02/polish-army-13th-century.html

    and the lithuenian: http://dalauppror.blogspot.com/2011/02/lithuanian-army-13th-century.html

    Looking forward to see some pictures of you army:)

    Best regards Dalauppror