Saturday, June 4, 2011

House of Bonde

Here are unit of Swedish Allmoge milita under command of Bo Djure from the House of Bonde. Bo Djure was the cousin of the deposed Swedish King Charles VIII Knutsson from the House of Bonde.

I will ofcourse make a command stand for the King Charles, as after the rebellion in 1464 he was reinstalled as king for the 2:nd time...

at least for a couple of month...

until Swedish Nobles, among others the Bishop Kettil Karlsson and the newly released Archbishop Jöns Bengtsson, this time allied with their former enemy the Union/Danish King Christian I managed to depose him again...

Bo Djure one of King Charles closest relatives and allied during the 1460:s Swedish Civil War.

The banner are based on King Charles Coat of Arms as the real Coat of Arms for the House of Bonde have reversed colours, i.e. Yellow background and a Red Boat...


  1. More inspiring figures!
    Had a go myself-
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  2. Thanks Alan !

    Not winter but at least some Swedish militia;)

    I will have a look att your blog

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  3. Very nice indeed! Love the theme and colours

  4. Thanks Paul :)

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