Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2nd Hail Caesar game...

Last monday I and Björn played our 2nd Hali Caesar game. We played a scenario I writeh inspired of the Battle at Iberia in 215BC that was a part of the Punic war between the Romans and the Carthaginians. You can see Björns AAR at our clubforum.

The rules work fine, and we made less mistakes this time:) But we discovered that we should have used 2/3 of all ranges for weapons and movment etc. as we used such a small table i.e. 120x180mm, will do it next time;)

Set up

Björn have made several maps over the battle.

Roman Legioners advancing against the thined out Carthaginian center...

Roman Legioneres with Psilo support had a hard fight against the Carthaginian Hoplites...

Carthaginian Elephant...didn´t do much this day...


  1. Very nice AAR on the forum. Great looking table

  2. thanks for your aar
    looking at your blog is very fun
    look like being in a club : so much activity

    thanks for sharing
    a french reader

  3. Thanks !

    Yes we have a gaming club with about 25 members, we have 3 tables 120x180cm that can be grouped to a larger one 180x360cm. We have gaming activitys several nights a weak.

    Best Regards Dalauppror

  4. Great game and great minis... Is there anything better?

  5. Great Battle Report and wonderful minis. I'm looking forward to playing Hail Caesar myself, with a Dark Ages focus.

    Great Blog you have here - I'm now following!

    Paul of the Man Cave

  6. Thanks !!!

    Glad you like my blog Paul:)

    Must say that so far Hail Caesar is a realy good rule system, as Black Powder... They are absolute favorites for me.

    Best regards Dalauppror