Monday, June 20, 2011

Swedish Traditional Fence

Can´t game in the Swedish 15th century and not have some traditional Swedish fence,; "Gärsgård"...Roundpole fence in english...

I built my fences of barbequesticks in 12cm sections. made 10 sections so far...might make me 10 more...

A roundpole fence on my way to the Haraker Church.

4 sections of roundpole fence and my fence template...


  1. Great modeling inspiration- looking forward to seeing them completed...
    best wishes

  2. Very unusual, I guess you've gotta make it as nobody sells it. It should look great when finished.

  3. Just great, never saw that sort of fencing before!

  4. Thanks !

    I suppouse Roundpole fence are special for Sweden, Norway and Finland... Might be used in the part of Russia and the Baltics closest to Finland. Not sure about Denmark...

    Not possible to buy...but it wan´t that hard to make, anter the template was finished.

    Best Regards Dalauppror