Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stockholm Medieval Museum

Last Weekend I visited the Stockholm Medieval Museum...not the first time;)

The museum are built around a excavation site in central stockholm, so inside the museum they have large sections of the city wall and other stuf they found during the excavation in the 80´s.

The focus are of course the medieval history of Stockholm, and they have a realy good and cheap (80sek/$14/£8/€10) Museum Guid Book that not only describe the museum but give a good context of the Swedish medieval history.

It might be possible to order the book from the museum shop, through a e-mail to: , Ask for the Book called: "The Museum of Medieval Stockholm. A guide through the new permanent exhibition as a presentation of the medieval history of Stockholm. English version.

It realy is a nice museum with a good shop and it is free entrance:)

Here are some pictures.

Model showing Stockholm about 1500. You can clearly se the Castle "Tre Kronor" in the uper left part of the mail island.

1:1 Model of the City gates.

House or Church under construction, In the museum they have buils several Medieval style houses.

A old artillery piece.

Knight and Allmoge soldier, with some Banners from some of the Swedish Houses in the back ground.

Model of a House inside Stockholm, the House was destroyd in a fire.

28mm minis:) On theirs way to the Battle of Brunkeberg 1471...


  1. Super pictures- thanks for posting them...
    I have been to Denmark a few times but only over to Sweden for the day by boat from Copenhagen. We really enjoyed Malo and Lund - esp the medieval clock. I really must get to Stockholm one day- I would love to see the Vasa and Army Museum not to mention the rest of the city.
    My favourite film is "Fanny and Alexander" by Bergman (like his other stuff too) and ,as a family, we must try to get to Sweden some time ...
    p.s I will check out the museum bookshop today...

  2. Thanks Alan

    Vasa, army museum, and the historical museum are realy good. If you have a interest in Vikings i would recomend a day tripp by boat to the viking "city" Birka on Björkö in the lake Mälaren.

    Sorry to say but medieval museum webbshop arn´t realy a webbshop...but you can alvays send them a mail...

    best regards dalauppror