Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chronicles of Hel

Lured in to a little? side project by my friend Oskar...

We are seting up a small skirmish campaign that I think we decided to call "Chronicles of Hel".

It will be a dark fantasy setting(no black powder guns...)in a snowy, cold and barbaric world there the cowards get a new chanse to prove that they are ment for better worlds...

We will start to use the rules Song of Blades and Heroes and hope that they turn out well...

Anyway it give me a chanse to paint some 28mm minis on "heroic" bases:)

Here are a VIP picture of the our gaming table and the terrain, I haven´t helped out to much, it is all thanks to Oskar.

Next step will be some tuffts and to add dipp to the marches and stream. After that the snow will fall;)


  1. That's a damn good looking piece of terrain.

  2. Looking very good so far. Keen to see how it turns out with snow added.

  3. Coool! Keep us posted about this, it's a very interesting idea. I once played a roleplaying game set in Hel, brilliant fun.

  4. Thanks !

    I hope this will be as fun to game, as it is to plan and start painting the minis...

    I have almost finished my first warband, I hope to have some pictures by the weekend...

    Best regards Dalauppror

  5. What a lovely set of terrain - looking forward to seeing more of this Fun project! A great chance to paint some Conan-esque figs :-)

  6. Thanks Paul.

    My friend Oskar are a real barbarian fan so he are in the progres of painting some "Conan-esque figs" ...

    Best regards dalauppror

  7. Can't wait to see the warband and the snow too...
    I hope we will see some varg on the tabletop and perhaps ski equipped troops?

  8. Thanks ! to get some I suppouse, any suggestions of good 28mm heroic Style Varg/Wolfs?

    Suppouse I have to get some skis for my troops to...good suggestion... might have to have a Sedge to for the supplies...

    Best regards Dalauppror