Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ordens Ritter

Here are some pictures of my first Warband to Song of Blades and Heroes.

Can´t realy leave the historical gaming for fantasy so I started out light by making me a Order Knight with followers.

Ordern Brüder Udo von Dirkschneider with he´s followers.

The minis are 28mm and you might notice the snow on the bases...

Most of the minis are from the Games Workshop old Bretonnian range.

All the infantry are halberd minis, 2 of them I converted to crossbowmen...and most of them got cloaks to get some shelter from the cold weather.

The dogs are some old ones from a game called Chronopia...I think...

Ready for purification...


  1. Order of Algeroth? ;)Really nice models! Now I want to paint a warband too...

  2. Thanks !!!

    Algeroth ??? don´t know what you talking about;)

  3. Very nice - love the livery and banners

  4. Nice painting.

    Algeroth was one of the evil apostels that invades the human planets in the world of the old universe of "Mutant Chronicles" from Target games.

    Nice to see you sneak in that old swedish game... hehe, Well as the game is no more, I guess this could be classified as "historical" then.,%20Avatar%20e%20Video/Immagini%20Mutant%20Chronicles/Bonner/algeroth.jpg

  5. Thanks !!!

    Algeroth - The Apostle of War...Nice Order...

    "Mutant Chronicles" are absolutely ancient history even though FFG released a Collectible Miniatures Game in 2006 and they made a movie based on the them in 2008...

    Best regards Dalauppror

  6. Amazing figures- who makes them? Fantastic painting too!

  7. Thanks Alan !

    The foot minis are old Games Workshop Bretonnians, I have added the cloaks( plastics from my bitbox) and the shields (perry pavises. 2 of them I have converted 2 of them to crossbowmen...

    The Mounted one are a Gamesworkshop Bretonnian Squire and a Bretonnian Lord/Hero. The pack horse are a GW horse with equipment from my bitbox...

    The Dogs are old chronopia ones...

    Best regards Dalauppror

  8. Great warband, I like the colour selection. It looks like they belong to the same group (struggling to find the proper english word there:)
    Good flag as well! Cheers, Michael

  9. Tell us a little more of the cloaks- I have used wine bottle foil in the past to some success.How did you do it?

  10. Thanks MiniMike !

    Glad that you think I managed to get at god colour coherency in the warband. It´s quite easy to create a unity if the minis have shields...but the problem with this warband was the Crossbowmen and the dogs...but I tryed to paint them in some "red" colours to binde them with the rest of the warband.

    And ofcourse the bases do much to create coherency to.

    Best regards dalauppror

  11. @ Alan

    No secrets about the cloaks... I haven´t made them...they are all ready made plastics from different sets.

    2 of them, closest to the knight are some old Games Workshop Chaos Warriors with a "decorative" skull carved away and the other one turned inside out...

    The 2 farest away from the Knight (wolfskin and on the crossbow men) are from Gripping Beast Viking and Saxon plastic sets...

    Best regards Dalauppror

  12. That was the word: coherency. Bases, if they stand out like this, do a bit of the trick but as you did I always pick a colour and use it on every miniature. Regards, Michael