Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have made one more Warband for our Dark Fantasy Project, this time some "Pilgrims".

The minis are Games Workshop from my old Mordheim warband, painted at least 10 years agoe...

They have got a small bases, a wash of devland mud and some new highlights...

The dogs are the same kind of minis as for my Ordens Knight, from the chronopia 5 in a blister:)

The will act as allies to my Ordens Knight...or not...


  1. great detail..those look amazing

  2. Lovely - must get some of those dogs to use as Viking War Hounds!

  3. Very nice painting Dalauppror. I like those dogs.

  4. Nice, it would be even more interesting if you posted the "army list" of that warband. The name of what the models count as in Songs of... would be great. I got the rule but havn´t played it more then a few times yet but the game seems very promising.

  5. Thanks !

    The dogs are greate, but I don´t know if they still are available?

    I try to produce some army list for my 2 warbands during the week...

    Best regards Dalauppror