Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lion Rampant AAR #3

Here comes some pictures from one more of my and Jonas test games of Lion Rampant. This time we run a escort scenario there the Heathen was heading back from a sucessfull raid and was intercepted by a crusading force.

Onece again we used half sized forces on a 120x90cm table.


Baltic Heathen Hoast 
1x6 Elit Warriors w Leader
2x12 Warriors
1x6 Skirmish archers (escorting the sledge with the loot)

Swedish Crusaders Hoast 
1x6 Knights w Leader
2x12 Ledung Soldiers (mix of spear and bow)

The victorious Heathen emerge from the forest with their loot and sees the Crusader blocking force, theres no time for a retreat...

The Crusader Knights, that was allowed to enter from a flank, makes a swift advande to ride down the Heathens... 

The Heathen Warlord sends a group of the open... to meat the threat from the Knights. At the same time he and his Hird with the Skirmishers and the loot tries to get away in a realy heroic manner...

The Knights that have turned out to be real killers crushes the first group of heathen warriors and continue their tour in to a frech group of heathens...

Not a good day for the Heathen least he still have the loot...

In the progress of killing all the Heathen Warriors the Knights have taken some cassulties and are forced to retreat and regroup after the slaughter of the second Heathen Warrior group.

Seeing all his Warriors slaughtered and fleeing the Heathen Warlord tries ti make a swift advance away from the knights...

After regrouping the Crusader Knights continue their hunt for heathen charging the Heathen warlord and his Hird, but ow they meet their equivalents and it all ends in a fierce battle there all the Knights in the Bishops retinue are killd... 

The Bishop gets surounded by heathens and it seems like he will soon be a saint...BUT in some miraculously way he manage to escape...

The Heathen Skrimishers have tried to move as fast as possible to get away with the loot, but a group og Crusader Ledugn Soldiers manage to get close and threathen them...

To save the situation the Heathen Warlord and the few men left od his hird charges the Crusadeing Infantry it all ends in disaster for the Heathens as the Warlord and all his Hird are wiped out...

With only the Heathen Skirmishers left the Bishop heroic hunt them down and recapture the loot !

This was a nice game, but we both concluded that the Knights might be a little to good;) on the other hand the Heathens didn´t make use of anny terrain in which they have the upper hand against their opponents.

Next game will be with full forces and on a 120x180 table so we will get a chanse to try out the rules in the size Dan have planed.

I just have to finish the last Crusader units...


  1. I love the snow-look you have there, and the sled!

  2. I'm sorry to repeat myself, but it's always a great pleasure to see such beautiful pictures here! The winter atmosphere is really impressive, and the figures, once again, the sleigh!

  3. Great AAR :)

    Best Regards


  4. Superb report once again Michael and the snow terrain is very effective.
    Look forward to the full size battle.

  5. Another great AAR Michael!

    This was a very close fought game. While the crusaders had the upper hand in the fighting – those knights are really, really tough – the heathens very skillfully managed to maneuver the sledge just out of reach. Just as it was about to slip away though, the bishop spurred his horse one last time and came crashing down on it, saving the day.

  6. Great report. I will get those knights right - I'm working on it!!

  7. Great report and photos Michael.

  8. Another great report. Thank you a lot!

  9. Great AAR! It sounds like the Bishop was truly blessed. Out of the way for the Hand of God!