Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lion Rampant AAR #4

1240 AD
Early spring, the ice had just broken on the baltic sea and the warriors had gathered at to make a sacrafice to Freyja for good weather. As they carry out their ritual they out on the sea noticed some ships approacing, as the ships got closer it was sertain that is was a Ledung fleet from the other side of the baltic sea and they didn´t seems to be here for the trade...

Here comes a 4th Lion Rampant AAR. This time I and Jonas used full  forces by the rules and we played it out on a 120x180cm table.


Baltic Heathen Hoast
1x6 Elit Warriors w Leader
3x12 Warriors
1x6 Skirmish archers
1x6 Skirmish hosre archers

in total 48 foot minis and 6 mounted minis

Swedish Crusaders Hoast 
1x6 Knights w Leader
1x6 Knights
3x12 Ledung Soldiers (mix of spear and bow)

in total 36 foot minis and 12 mounted minis

The Crusaders started in the ships and had to reach the land and unload to plunder and burn convert the village inhabitants...

The Heathen, that started with their Skirmishers and one group of warriors by the Sacredground, just had to stop them...

The crusaders ships approced land very fast... each ship carried 4 mounted and 14 foot minis that had to be organised in to fighting groups as they had landed on the beach...

The first Ledung soldiers and Knights are on the beach...

As the Crusaders had approached land and started to unload their ships the inhabitants had gathered reinforcements from all around. Chief Gudrik with his hird and mercenary horse archers was amongst the first to arrive...

The horse arches make some fast moves and engage the Crusaders by distance shooting, not causing much damage, most annoyance...

Swifth disembarkation by all ledung soldiers...some of the horses seemd seasik after the journy and didn´t want to move at all...

As the heathen approach the Crusaders a group of ledung soldiers form a shieldwall to recive the fierce heathen warriors...

Protected by the ledung Soldiers the Knights manages to get their horses of the ships...

Heathens approaches but get some cassultys by the Ledung soldies archery...

An unexpected reinforcement for the Heathens arrive by the flank of the Crusaders that as a responce sends a group of ledung soldiers to set up defence by the fence.

CHARGE !!!!!!

The heathen warriors charges in to the Crusaders shieldwall...

Only because of the shieldwall the ledung soldiers manage to force the heathens back...

The Heathens charges one again and manage to break the shieldwall and get the ledung soldiers on the run but they also have recived loots of casultys during the fight and retreats from the battlefield...

Chief Gudrik once again sends his horce archers forward to harass the crusaders...

The Knights have had enought and charges after them but the horse archers and the heathen skirmishers just easily evade...

Meanwhile the Ledung soldiers that protect the flank manages to get the Heathen warriors on the run by just good use of their bows and crossbows...

By the main line a group of ledung soldires have reached one of the houses and starts to set it on fire...

Chief Gudrik order his hird and warriors to be prepared for the Knights charge...

The Bishop and his retinue charges Chief Gudrik and slays 3 of his hirdmen to the cost of just one Knight. This was apparently to much for Gudrik and the remaining Hirdmen as they lose their hart and run for the forest...

Might be a change of Chieftain again...

This was a realy fun game, the rules worked fine and gave a good and nice looking game. The Knights are still very tought... BUT as this game was played with the old rule draft and Dan have in the latest one changed the combart rules some the Knight dominance might have been ended;)

The use of a 120x180 table worked fine, we might have been just fine with a 120x120 table as some of the groups had to move for a long time to get to the heart of the battle...

There will for certain be more Baltic Crusade games with Lion Rampant:)


  1. This winter table is just awesome ! O_o
    Congratulations mate !


  2. Great AAR and the terrain and miniatures are stunning :)

  3. What a fantastic looking game. The way you have added snow elements to an otherwise neutral board is brilliant. That top pictures is stunnungly evocative. Really well done!

  4. That's looking brilliant! I love the bright colours of the sails and uniforms against the drab, wintry terrain.

  5. Great Terrain, Great Figures and a superb report

  6. An excellent report. You've really captured the 'aesthetic' of the period with your miniatures and terrain. A great start to my weekend, thanks!

  7. Thank you all, very appreciated comments !!! :)

    Have a nice week end !

    Best regards Michael

  8. This is a visual feast. Drab winter colors with colorful shields and banners flying. I especially love your opening shot and the scratch built ships. LOVELY!

    1. Glad you liked my effort Monty !!!

      Best regards Michael

    2. I should have added that, here in Minnesota, we have the drab winter covered in spadesm, including snow (board) and ice.

      I'm guessing its the same in your fair city. Bring on the sun!

    3. Indeed bring on the sun !

      We got quite much snow last week and it was frezzing cold, I hope it will be better this week, so the spring can come.

      Minnesota...the most Swedish part of the US... according to some survey there are about 500 000 - 600 000 Swedish-Americans in Minisota more than in any other state;)

      Best regards Michael

  9. Really nice Michael, that opening picture is great!!


  10. Great AAR! Very nice sollution for à "winter/early spring" table with those patches of snowboard and ice. It looks great!

  11. Fantastic looking AAR!

  12. Fantastic work, a real sense of drama, movement and a harsh unforgiving atmosphere.

    It looks like you had fun putting it together too.

    Inspiring stuff!

  13. Wow - amazing looking figures and set up. Truly inspiring. Dean

  14. FANTASTIC! The intro and first picture set the scene for a very atmospheric battle report. A wonderful collection of terrain and lovely painted figures Michael. 10/10

  15. The seaborne raid with the ships is just wonderful!

    Michael, are those scratch-build or is there a source.

    I'm thinking Greyjoy raiders for my Westeros project here...

  16. This AAR is really nice. I like a lot your figures and terrain; and the rulebook appears to be very good!

  17. Very enjoyable report a great looking table! Those colours are very nice and vibrant!


  18. Very impressive report. Great looking figures and table...

  19. Great Battle report. Figures and terrain were excellent as usual. I particularly liked the added touch of the ice on the water. The camera angles were also very good, really helped to follow the flow of the action.

  20. As always grear stuff:-)


  21. WOW ! I´m honoured by all your very nice comments, one that makes a man continue and try even harder on the next project:)

    I suppous the snow was the thing that realy made a difference in this project.

    So I suppouse a small? thanks to my friend Oskar that convinced med to go for the snow are in place;)

    Thanks once again for your encouragement !!!

    Best regards Michael

  22. Michael, what fantastic pics of a stunning game. Thanks for posting.

  23. Excellent AAR Michael!

    Actually I think the last fight was started by the heathens doing a suicide charge against the knights as we were running out of time. The knights then counter charged with predictable outcome ... Damn those knights.

    Looking forward to our next game with the updated rules. But can we please switch sides? ;)