Friday, March 1, 2013

Lion Rampant AAR#2

Here comes a second AAR from one of my and Jonas test games of Dan Merseys new Medieval Wargaming rules Lion Rampant that are planed to be published early 2014 by Osprey as a part of  the Wargame serie.

It´s very nice to have the chanse to contribute to Dan´s rules, especially as he have incorporated several of my ideeas in to the rules...or at least in the latest draft I got...but I hope they will be in the finished product to;)

As I still haven´t painted enought Baltic Crusades minis for 2 full forces per the rules, these 2 forces are of about half size and the gaming area are 120x90mm. We just playout a straight forward battle game to test the game rules.


Baltic Heathen Hoast
1x6 Elit Warriors w Leader
2x12 Warriors
1x6 Skirmish archers

Swedish Crusaders Hoast
1x6 Knights w Leader
2x12 Ledung Soldiers (mix of spear and bow)

Set-up, Bishop Thomas of Åbo used his 2 units of Ledung Soldiers to screean the Knights... The Tavastian Warlord Tursas ordered his two units of Warriors to make a swift advance and the Skirmishers to cover the left flank...

The Crusaders made a more cautious advance and form the Ledung Soldiers in to shieldwall formation for a steady deffence and to make use of their bows and crossbows as soon as the Heathen have advanced within range...

For all activation of units you have to make a activation roll with 2D6. The difficulty levle depends on the troop type and what action you want them to performe, charging are for example more easy for Knights then Ledung Soldiers...

As the Crusaders have initially chosen a more defensive tactic the Heathen continued to move forward... 

As soon as you fail a activation roll there are a turn over to the opponent, in this game leading to that the Heathen Skirmisher got stuck in the forest...

In the heat of battle I forgot to take some pictures, but here you can see how one of the Swedish Ledung units after a close encounter with the Heathen Warriors are retreating to a safer possition behind the Knights...  

In close combat each mini in a group contribute, even if not in physical contact with a enemy mini. All units involved in a combat that have taken casualtys have to check moral, so a combat can end with both sides retreat or flee...             

The Bishop saw an opportunety and charged, the already damaged group of heathens, with his knights...Charging Knights are devestating...

a doubble 1 for moral roll are NOT good ...

At the same time as the Knight convinced the Heathens to accept the new faith, the Ledung Soldiers made good use of their Bows and Crossbows manage to chase away the second group of Heathen Warriors...

As the retreating heathen warriors also failed to rally they had to make a move avay from the enemy and left the table, in a matter of minutes the Tavastian Warlord Tursas was left alone with his Hird, so he decided to retreat and fight another day...leaving the Crusaders as Winners of the day:)

In less than one houre we ended this game. We both thought that the Heathens would win the game then they managed to win the first combat, but they soon found out that Knights are cracking enemys...

The rules worked over all fine, we still made some notes for Dan to think of. Looking forward to continue our playtesting.


  1. Really nice AAR!

    It was a quick, fun game – even though I lost! Those knights are no fun when you're on the wrong end of their charge. As Michael found out too, when we switched sides in the second game.

  2. Beautiful figures and table! Knights are really impresive!

  3. Really wonderful figures. I like a lot your "minimalist" table; it is perfect!
    This ruleset appear to be very interesting. Thanks for the AAR.

  4. Looks terrific, especially all those bright colours against the snow.

  5. As always, nice AAR. Looks like the Knights earned their pay.


  6. Thanks !

    Sorry to you 5-7 that posted comments the last half day, i accidently delited the comments when i was going to publish them sorry;(

  7. Found you commets in my mail so I post them here, one again sorry...

    Sean has left a new comment on your post "Lion Rampant AAR#2":

    Interesting game. Great figures and terrain as usual. It will be
    interesting to see how it goes when you switch sides.

    Posted by Sean to Dalauppror at March 1, 2013 at 4:27 PM

    Jay White has left a new comment on your post "Lion Rampant AAR#2":

    Awesome stuff sir!

    Posted by Jay White to Dalauppror at March 1, 2013 at 4:29 PM

    Hobbyworker has left a new comment on your post "Lion Rampant AAR#2":

    Great AAR Michael!! its a shame we dont live in the same city...i would
    love to have a game or two.

    Best Regards

    Posted by Hobbyworker to Dalauppror at March 1, 2013 at 5:03 PM

    danmer has left a new comment on your post "Lion Rampant AAR#2":

    Great write up! And a superb looking game. I do need to tweak those knights
    a bit ... As one player commented, they're a bit Michael Wittman!

    Posted by danmer to Dalauppror at March 1, 2013 at 6:17 PM

    Christopher(aka Axebreaker) has left a new comment on your post "Lion
    Rampant AAR#2":

    Very nice AAR and figures!


    Posted by Christopher(aka Axebreaker) to Dalauppror at March 1, 2013 at
    6:46 PM

    Steve J. has left a new comment on your post "Lion Rampant AAR#2":

    Great looking figures, a real joy to behold! I'm currently enjoying
    playtesting as well, but in the hot Holy Land and with counters to speed
    things up!

    Posted by Steve J. to Dalauppror at March 1, 2013 at 6:47 PM

  8. Good to hear you are contributing to a new set of rules, I will look out for them.
    Although simplistic, the terrain looks very effective.

  9. Looks like you two had some great fun! Like your board quite a lot.

  10. Great looking game, table, miniatures, everything!!!

  11. Great write-up, Michael. I know that you field half strength forces, but do you think the rules will stretch to even bigger games?

  12. Thank you Mates !!!!

    I thinks that the half strength forces are a good way to get started and play, the full strenhth forces are about 12 mounted and 48 foot minis...can take some time to paint. Yes I absolutely think the rules can handle even larger forces, it just take some more time to playthrough, but as I feel that the rules are fast paced it shoulden´t be any problem to play a double sized game in a evening at the club.

    Best regards Michael