Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My New Project...

...are not reveal just now...BUT I will give you some clues...

  • 28mm
  • Connected to Swedish history, of course...
  • a completely new part of history for me...
  • I have had thoughts of doing it before, BUT the minis out there for one of the participants arn´t good enough., so I will have to convert all minis for one of the sides...
  • Due to the converssions it all will start as a realy small skirmish project and depending on how the conversions turn out it might grow.
  • The Badguys (my point of view;)) I have mostly ordered from BrigadeGames.
  • The Heros will mostly be converted from Perry minis

I give you a Swedish history time line below, its in Swedish (sorry, didn´t find one in English) but one of the pictures might help you ;)

Any guesses?

By the way...a few of you out there already know as you helpt me out with some bits for the project, thank you ! but you are not allowd to guess, wouldn´t be fair ;)


  1. I think it's quite modern like last century?

  2. I will take a stab at the Charles X war between Sweden and Poland

  3. My lips are sealed! :-)
    Looking forward to see it on the table.

  4. Tough one. I've got no clues...been thinkin' and thinkin' :P

  5. I'm just going to wildly guess Colonial Sweden so late 1800's.

  6. I'd guess it's the Finnish war 1808-1809?

  7. I am very intrigued and very confused but venture a guess of Karl X at the battle of Lund?
    I can't wait to find out....

  8. I am guessing the second northern war, or something to do with Charles the Xth....Perry ranges of ECW with a few changes......


  9. Tough one, but I have to guess Russo-Swedish war 1808-09 to.
    But Im not totaly convinced it is it. All the clues doesnt´t ad up in my book for it.

    Another fun project would be Swedish atempt of colonisation of New Sweden in the new world but I dont think it is it. Battleing it out with the big colonial players and indians while the money where pressingly needed elsewhere.

  10. Putting together the clues, I'm with The Wilde Goose. Also, if I recall correctly the Finnish war had some skirmish actions which would suit the project as described above.

    But my guess is as good as anybody's. :)

  11. Thanks for all very good guesses, very appreciated ! I´m glad for your knowledge about at least some part of the Swedish history:)

    I try to sum it up a bit.

    Still thinking: 1 ;)
    Greate Northern War(Charles XII): 1
    Modern: 1
    Polish War/Second Northen War(Charles X): 2
    Scanian War/Battle at Lund(Charles XI): 2
    Colonial/New World Sweden: 2
    Finnish War 1808-1809: 4

    Very nice guesses, might be right...might not...any how they start to give me ideeas for more projects...not good...;)

    I´ll let you think for a while more...

    Best regards Michael