Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ACW - Philadelphia Brigade for Sale

About a year ago I painted the Philadelphia Bridage for the ACW, I never got around playing with them and they are after all a bit outside my Swedish scoop so I decided to sell them of to finace my other projects.

There is 80 minis (one monted and a artillery piece)  they are a mix of metall and plastic from all kind of manufacturs all in 28mm scale, based on 40x40mm MDF bases (Plastic bases for the round ones.)

The Mounted Brigade Commander are the Salute 2011 miniature.

The flags was custome made for my project by Iain at Flags of War.

So if someone out there would like to have the Philadelphia Brigade don´t hesitate to contact me and we sort something out: dalauppror@gmail.com

All offers will be considered,

Here are some more pictures of the minis, you can find even more pictures and some regimental/brigade history here at my old blogpost about them.


  1. Those are very nice and should fetch your price..

  2. Lovely brigade, Michael! They'd be a perfect start for a new owner to try Longstreet.

  3. Great looking figures! Good luck with the sale.

  4. Beautiful looking troops Michael! Good luck .

  5. Thanks Stephen !

    No they are not sold yet, I can bring them to Copenhagen in October for you to collect you you are interested;)

    Best regards Michael

  6. Are they sold? How much do you want for them?

    1. Hi Jens

      I still got them, if you send me a mail at dalauppror@gmail.com we can have a chat about price and delivery.

      Besr regards Michael