Friday, November 15, 2013

Minis for the Scanian War

A short post about the minis I will use for our Scanian War 1675-1679 Project. I have looked around the webb and there are several minis that may work as Swedes during this period, but sins I wanted to hold down the cost I decided to retrive my first Wargames Factory minis ever...

In the pats I have not been a huge fan of the Wargames Factory minis as they always seem to look a bit odd to me, but I still decided to give their WSS range a chanse for this project.

I have now got my self a box of 36 Infantry miniatures and a Box of 12 Cavalry miniatures, this will be enought for me to build at least a 400 point Swedish force for our project.

I must admit that they have added a lots of stuff to the sprues so there should be plenty of options to convert some of the minis.

Plain marching mini from the box, as I want my unit to have the Karpus hat I had to cut down a grenadier hat to fit the bill, I hope it will turne out ok when painted.

One more marching mini there I just cut away the musket and promoted him to and NCO

At the moment there are only two thing that bother me about the WF minis, the first thing are that they get long necks, so I have started to cut of the throat parts from the heads to get a better look. The other thing are that the hordes seems a bit smal and not so dynamic, short legs, but as the Swedish horsed during this era was quite small I suppouse it will work anyway.

More builds to come...


  1. Nice conversions Michael, looking forward to some painted examples as well!

  2. Very nice so far Michael! Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Great start! Loads of options on those sprues.

    Just yesterday, I read a blog comment that suggested drilling out the neck hole was quicker than whittling down the long necks.

  4. Looks like a promising start for your project! Keep up the good pace.

  5. This is looking like another wonderful project.

  6. Heh, as soon as I saw those boxes I was gonna warn you about the necks, but looks like you've got that figured out already. Otherwise, I'm pretty fond of those kits. They've got tons of options, and it's hard to argue with the price!

  7. It will be interesting indeed to see if you could pull this one out.
    Wargames Factory... Aint top on my list.

  8. Appreciated comments Mateys !

    Wargames Factory... wasn´ttop on my list either, and still arn´t, BUT I realy think the WSS kots will turn out ok, after fixing some necks...

    More to come...