Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Building WF Infantry for the Scanian War

As the first unit of Landsknechts for my Kalmar Union War project are finished I have spent some time to build more Wargames factoru WSS minis for our Scanian War Project. Here are some pictures of the 32 Infantry minis I built during the last days.

These 3 have been build using the lose torso and legs, 
using the same arms but in different possitions and with different weapons

These 2 are build by the marching minis, I just cut of the armes and used 
some of the lose ones that are provided on each sprue.

Plain marching minis with cutdown hats, The Muskets have no bayonet attached, 
the bayonet was not in use by the Swedish musketeer untill around 1704. 

Pikemen made of marching minis that got their musket replaced with pikes.

Made from the multi fit bits and also some made from Marching minis that got some arm surgery.

Commander, Drummer and two flag bearer. 
The officers didn´t use the karpus but wide brimed hats.

A company of Swedish infantry, 1/3 pike and 2/3 muskets. Should realy only be one flag bearer as each Swedish company only had one company flag, a total of 4 flags in each full battalion.

There are no grenadiers as the Swedes didn´t start to use them unitl 1684 and then only 6 in each company. The amount of grenadiers increased  in each company during the first part of the 18th centery to 12, 15 and finaly 18, but thats a different war...


  1. Working wonders with the figures.I await developments most enthusiastically!

  2. Nice animation you've achieved with all the extra parts. Looking forward to see them painted!

  3. Wonderful work on these minis Michael!

  4. Looking very good, Michael. Versatile minis!

  5. Why word Michael, you don't waste anytime, a great start Sir.

  6. Looking excellent this far Michael. Can't wait to see them all painted up!

  7. Good to see your project progress at high speed.

  8. Very clever! You have a vision and make it come to life!

  9. That's bloody good productive work Michael!

  10. Thanks Mateys!

    Got to be productive if I ever going to see the bottom of the leadpile;)

  11. They look great! Can't wait to see them get some paint.