Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Germen mercenarys in Danish service #8

The last 8 minis for the charging front rank and the full units of German mercenarys in Danish service for my ongoing Kalmar Union War project. Just some bases left to finish up tonight. Sorry for the some what blury pictures.

I suppouse one unit makes no army...and the Danes spent alot of money on I guess I have to make me one more of them:)


  1. That is a very impressive unit Michael!

  2. That's some inspiring work again! Looking forward to seeing them finished.

  3. They look absolutely brilliant Michael. I can't wait to see them all based up!

    And of course you need another unit of these. Don't forget to add some reinforcements for the rebels though! ;)

  4. Impressive unit. Looks menacing for the poor Almoge, I guess its time to build some more bröte soon then...