Sunday, December 29, 2013

Battle at Julitaslätten, August 1467 an Hail Caesar AAR

Last AAR for 2013 ofcourse one more Kalmar Union War AAR;) Not that much text but I hope the pictures will tell the story and that you will enjoy it.

My Danish friend Sören commanded the Union side and I commanded the Rebels. The rules used was Hail Caesar.

The Civil war in Sweden has raged for about 2 years, The Union army besiege Stockholm when the Rebels advanced with a force to start a siege of the Union Castle in Örebro. Erik Nilsson from the house of Oxenstierna the owner of the castle in Örebro leaves Stockholm with his part of the army to relief his Castle.

The Commander of the siege force of Örebro Castle Ivar Axelsson from the House of Thott moves his forces to engage the Union troops by the lake of Öljaren near the Julita fields in the county Södemanland in August 1467.

Opposing Armies 
As there is no true historical account of which and how many participated in the battle, I have based the army lists on the minis I had available at the moment. The commanders that a mentioned in the sources is for the Union party Erik Nilsson from the house of Oxenstierna and for the Rebels Ivar Axelsson from the house of Thott, Arvid Birgersson from the house of Trolle and Magnus Bengtsson from the house of Natt och Dag.

The game starts when parts of the two forces have deployed on the field of Julita, the remaining parts of the forces arrive during the battle. As there have been very good weather the last weeks the fields does not effects the movement, but provide cover from shooting.

Union forces

Both sides advanced, but the Union Skirmishers didn´t realy understand the order... the Union forces halted they reveled their secret weapon, 
a light gun hiden amongst the infantry...

The Rebell allmoge troops tried to extend heir battle line...

The allmoge started to shoot crossbowbolts at the Union knechts...

Reinforcements arrives for both sides, the rebells got even more allmoge and the union side are reinforced by two units of Knighst in shining armor...

As the Union party started to feel that this would be an easy task to sweep the allmoge from the field, the rebells recive even more reinforcements in the shape of two units of mounted allmoge...

The mounted allmoge was under command of Magnus Bengtsson from the house of Natt och Dag...

The main battle lines continue to shoot at each other in wait for the reinforcements to join the battle...

Like lightning the three union leaders seize the initiative and each order a unit to follow them in a headless charge that realy surprise the rebells...

A fierce close combat emerge...

The rebels are realy battered and some of the allmoge units stars to flee...

There are not much left of the rebel main battle line...

But the Union knechts does not choose to puch forward, instead they start to prepeare to recive the arrival of the rebel reinforcements...

In cover of the attacking mounted allmoge some of the fleeing rebells from the main battleline manages to rally as the Union knechts didn´t follow up their victory...

One of the mounted allmoge manages to give some grave damage to the Union knights before theur call it a day...

The other unit of mounted allmoge was revoked in to a long lasting mounted combat...

The rebel handgunners harassing the gravely damaged union knights...

On the rebels left flank the reinforcements have charged the union knechts...

...and they manage to get them on the retreat...

The unionist´s start to withdraw their troops to set up a new battle line...

As the Union troops retreate the rebels gets new confidence and advance after them...

The Union side decide that it is better to save what is left and fight a nother day...

Rebel victory !!!

Yet one greate game of Kalmar Union War using the Hail Caesar rules. The Union side seemed to getthe upper hand after their lightining attack BUT they chickened out and didn´t follow up their victory. That mistake made it possible for the Rebells to rally and reorganize their center battle and seize the initiative again and in the end win the day.

Of course more Kalmar Union War gameing and painting during 2014:)


  1. A great report Michael,lovely terrain and troops thank you for sharing

  2. Looks splendid Michael! There is a splendid overall look to your games. Cheers, Simon

    1. Very appreciated Simon as I realy tries to run games that look good to me, My fellow games some Times' think i'm to rigid about not putting non game stuff on the gaming table, but i think it ruins the over all feel of the game.

  3. I really like your AAR's. This one is highly entertaining again and as always features lots of superbly painted miniatures on a great looking battlefield.

    1. Thank you very, very much! Glad that My english manage to entertain a bit:)

  4. Thanks for the well told AAR, and a fun and hard fought game, that hung in the balance. I don't think I ever issued so many "Follow Me" orders as in the particular battle, but with three decent rated commanders on my side, it was too tempting. I also recall the canon being surprisingly effective. Beautiful collection, and great game!

    1. Indeed a din game we had matey!

      You use of "Follow Me" surpeised me and almost Win you the game...

      ...the union artillery Also made a huge impact on the game.

  5. Nice work by the Rebels! Great report and photos Michael!

  6. Great AAR! I'm happy to see the Rebels winning again, as it's been a while since their last victory – must be the change in higher command ... ;)

    1. Thanks Jonas ! Might been luckey for the rebel cause that you had to work late that evening;)

  7. Nice one Michael! That is some impressive and well made force you collected :)

  8. Lovely as always, so thanks for posting.

  9. Awesome looking game as usual Michael!


  10. Very nice. I like the idea of the Union Forces having hid a secret weapon among thier ranks.

    1. Thanks Paul! The unionist are realy cunning sometimes, suppouse the dane commanding them had a part in that...

  11. Another very interesting AAR; thank you a lot for this. I like a lot your terrain and figures, they are wonderful. And those movement trays are also very interesting!

  12. Great stuff! You have quite a lot of colorful, beautiful units now. It is so nice to see it together on the table.

  13. Another great looking game Micheal.

  14. WOW Great always:-)