Monday, December 16, 2013

Skåne-Bohusläns Dragoner

Skåne-Bohusläns Dragoner painted up for tonights game.

Here follows some pictures of the dismounted and mounted minis for the Scanian-Bohus Dragoons. I made 4 each from the plastic Wargames Factory WSS Infantry and Cavalry boxes.

The WF minis are quite easy to paint, but I noticed that several of the heads have "Marty Feldman" eyes, lucky for me I don´t paint the eyes at all but if I would they would look very strange...

Bohuslän Dragoon Regiment takes its origins to 1661 when a cavalry and a dragon department was set up in Bohuslän. Both units were transformed to two companies of 150 men and was called Bohus- Jämtland Cavalry Battalion and its first director was Major Otto Mörner.

From 1670 known as the Bohusläns cavalry company. The 2 Bohuslän companies would together with 4 companies in Skåne and two companies in Jämtland form a dragoon regiment . The regiment was called Dragoons in the former Danish provinces of Skåne or - Bohuslän , Jämtland Dragoon Regiment and its first director was Mats Kagg.

From 1670 the regiment was called Scania - Bohuslän Dragoon Regimen . In 1675 was the Jämtland companies separated from the Dragoon Regiment. Instead the Bohuslän companies was increased to 4, the regiment was also called German or Green Dragoons and was quartered in northern Bohuslän . 

The Cavalry box was god and the bits match good with the Infantry box. But I lacked some heads with floppy hats, and the horses felt quite small, so I added a 2mm plasticcard under them to get them a bit higher. Realy no big deal as the Swedish horses was quite small by the time.


  1. Absolutely stunning work here Michael!

  2. Really nice figures. I would really like to play Great northern war with these soldiers and cavalry. This part of swedish history is very dramatic and inspiering.Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Very nice work Michael full of character

  4. Very nice Michael, and always nice to have a bit of historical background

  5. They all look very nice. I like the idea of mounted and dismounted figures a lot. As always I very much appreciated the historical background you provided for the guys.

  6. That was quick! I love your dragoons, green suits them well. I love the history as well!