Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kingdon of Heaven

Yesterday I got my self a copy of Greate Escape Games new sourse book for Clash of Empires, Kingdom of Heaven, from my friend Stephen...the author of the book himself. Thank you very much !!!

Back in the summer of 2012 I spent a couple of days during my summer vacation to write army lists and a short historical background to the Scandinavian Crusaders, to my joy Stephen had use of the stuff I wrote and used it in the book, it even made me in to the "Special thamks to" list :)

I also spent some time sins then to proof read the chapeter "The Perpetual Crusade" or Baltic Crusades as I use to call it. Not a big contribution but it was fun to be involved and now to see the finished product.

The Kingdom of Heaven book look very nice with it´s 136 pages, hardback, full colour, 19 armylista (even more if you count the several sub-lists), 3 Historical battles and the best of all, a map of Scandinavia during the crusades;)

The only downs side to the apperance of the book are that several of the fotos of minis are very dark in colour, but that is not a reason not to buy the book if you are in to Clash of Empires rules and will game the Crusades. The armylists are in my mind very well researched and usefull, and I know that Stephens have put a lot of research in to the greate historical background for each armylist and he sholuld know as he is a scholarly in the subject.

You can find a very nice Kingdom of Heaven AAR at Stephens blog.

Here follows some sample pages from the book and ofcourse parts of the Scandinavian Crusaders:)


  1. Cool looking book - love that you've had the chance to add some Scandinavian flavor to it.

  2. Nicely done :-)


  3. Congrats! Maybe I'll have to get myself a copy :-)

  4. Micheal really helped in bringing out the Nordic flavour. Many thanks matey :-)

  5. This is a very interesting rulebook, and with that "Nordic touch", more interesting!
    Congratulations for your participation in the project.

  6. They pictures do look quite nice and congrats for getting your contribution published.