Friday, December 5, 2014

AAR: Battle at Mora Stenar 1301

At last we could start our Lion Rampant Club Campaign revolving around the "Håtunaleken" (Håtuna-Games) a Swedish Game of Thrones, set in the earlu decade of the 14th centery.

For the initial game 5 players had come to the club so we had to even the scores and added a 6th hoast so the sides would be more or less equal.

For the True King Birger Magnusson fought the:

House of Trolle (Top right)
1x6 Mounted Men-at-Arms* @6pts
1x12 Foot Serjants @5pts
1x6 Bidowers @2pts

The House of Torgils Knutsson (Middle right)
1x6 Foot Men-at-Arms* @6pts
1x12 Foot Serjants @4pts
1x6 Bidowers @2pts

House of Ulvåsa (Bottom Right)
2x12 Foot Yeomen with Mixed Weapons* @5pts each
1x6 Bidowers @2pts

For the contesters/rebells the Kings two younger brothers fought the:

House of Bjälbo -Erik Magnusson (Top left)
1x12 Foot Serjants with Mixed Weapons* @6pts
1x12 Crossbowmen @4pts

House of Bjälbo - Valdemar Magnusson (Middle left)
1x6 Mounted Men-at-Arms* @6pts
1x6 Foot Men-at-Arms @6pts

House of Algotssönerna (Bottom left)
1x6 Foot Men-at-Arms* @6pts
1x12 Foot Serjants with Mixed Weapons @6pts

During the last days the sides have negotiated about who would be the best King to elect here at Mora Stones, early in the morning the third day the sides have decided to solve the matter with arms...

Contesters/rebells to the left and the Kings men to the right.

The House of Trolle Hoast...the Kings men was not sure about the Trolle allegiance as they was of the Border nobility with estates both in Sweden and Denmark... But at least they had brought their finest knights...

The Kings youngest brother Valdemar also had mounted up with his Knights as well as the Bishop of Linköping from the House of Bååt.

Foot Serjants with Mixed Weapons in the service of Magnus Algotsson House of Algotssönerna.

Initial move, Valdemar and the mounted Knights made a swift advance forward the Mora stones...

The people sheer when Valdemar and Bisshop Bååt passed by...

A group of Skirmishers belongning to the House of Ulvåsa advande through the corn field... as the Lord of Ulvåsa cutious advance with protection by the fence...

In the center Valdemar, that historically was known to be more brute then brain, chalange the Kings Marsk (Lord High Constable of Sweden) Torgils Knutsson for a Joust mano a mano...

Valdemar proved that he was a better fighter then his old teacher Torgils, that was badly wounded during the fight and had to leave the battle field in shame, leving his hoast leaderless...

All the hoastes was encouraged by the brave fight in the center and all wanted to participate in the brawl...

In high spirit by his Victory over the Marsk Valdemar continued to chalande the leader for the Kings Forces, also Birger Torkilsson from the House of Trolle accepted the invitation for single combat with Valdemar...

Valdemar once again was victorious and Birger Torkilsson was wouded and had to leave the field... some of the Kings men thought he lost to easy and a rumour about betrayal started...

Still in cover... the men from the House of Ulvåsa used the fence to get some protection and a good base for some shooting...

In the center the leaderless hoasts of Trolle and Torgils Knutsson was an easy paray for the rebellious brothers that used their crossbowmen to were down the remaining men-at-arms... it was indeed a dark day for the Kings men...

The Trolle hoast started to retreat...treason??? as the remaining Foot Serjants from the Marsk Torgils Knutsson advanced and formed a protective shieldwall....

The foolhardy Valdemar still thought he was unbeatable and with his last remainig Knight he charged the Foot Serjant Shieldwall...just to be thrown to the ground sprain his  little finger and had to leade the battlefield to get comfort by some fair ladys...

With Valdemar out of the way Gudmar Magnusson from the House of Ulvåsa felt that it was time to  close the day and advanced with his allmoge troops out from the fenced field and in to fhe openground...

As Magnus Algotsson from the House of Algotsönerna was close by with his men-at-arms Gudmar invited him for a duel...

The hero of the day...Gudmar Magnusson gave Magnus Algotsson a real spanking so hi had to leav the battle crying for mum... The Victory was close by for the Kings men:)

...or nor some how the Rebell brothers and their men managed to turn the tide and get the victory...but that is another story...

One again a greate game of Lion Rampant !  All involved seemed to have a really good time and the use of the activation card worked very well. The Story of the Håtunaleken will continue...

As a result of the game each hoast on the winning side was awarded 5 Victory points. We had choosen not to use any additional boasts, but that will come:)

Here are a summery of the Glory gained so far


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