Monday, December 29, 2014

Battle of Chancellorsville 1863

Yesterday my mate Sören had set up some ACW gaming for me and my club mates. We run a game inspired by the Battle of Chancellorsville 1863. We managed to put about 500 28mm minis on the table for 5 houres of Black Powder gaming.

First time I got a chanse to use my Philadelphia Brigade and they did good holding the center of the union line :)

No full AAR but some pictures from the game...

and a late Merry Christmast to you all !!!

If you want to know what happend at the other part of battlefield please make a visit to my club mate Marks blog.


  1. Beautiful! Looks like a great game. And Merry Christmas! /Mattias

  2. That is an inspiring looking table - thanks for all the pictures :)

  3. Fantastic game, with great pictures.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Fantastic photos Michael. Looks like an awesome game!

  5. That's a great looking game Michael, beautiful looking troops.

  6. Wow! That game looks so awesome I'm totally blown away.

  7. All is well done here !
    I enjoyed to see all those pictures of beautiful figures and sceneries ! Congrats !
    And a Happy New Year could be more appropriate !

  8. Great looking pics of the game! It certainly was a tuff fight, and your brigade did a great job against Lee's center while in a difficult position. Looking forward to our coming Shilo game!

  9. It was a fun game! Union Victory!!!!

  10. Argh, amazing ! You played on specific scenario ?

    1. Thanks !

      It was Sören/Black Powder that set up the game so I´m not sure if he have writen down the Senario, I just got my orders and a list with stats for my troops and them the battle got on...

  11. Nice pictures indeed! It was tricky scenario to play, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. The Shiloh scenario is in the works...

  12. Glad you enjoy my pictures, sorry for not a full AAR.

    Best regards Michael


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