Monday, December 1, 2014

The scene are set...

Last evening I was at the club placing the terrain for the first game of our Club Project Håtunaleken (Håtuna-Games) a Swedish Game of Thrones you could say;)

Our first game are set bu Morastenar (Mora Stones) that was the place in the Uppland region there the Swedish King was elected.

The Election of a King was a big event that brought people from far away.

Taking care of some hevenly matters before the election of the King...

Innocent bystanders...muuuu

Storm clouds are gathered...

Herr Gudmanr and his Allmoge

Dosn´t seems like they have come for a peaceful election...

The Hoast of the House of Ulvåsa

2 groups of Allmoge (Foot Yeoment with Mixed weapons) one with the Leader @ 5points each
1 group of Skärmytslare (Skirmishers/Bidowers) @ 2 points
A total of 12 points

You might see the 12 minis I finished yeaterday mixed in to the units, close ups of them in a day or so...

Each time the Ulvåsa activation card are drawn Gudmar get a chanse to try to activate some or all of his 3 groups, fail and the turn pass on to the next player drawn.

Everything seems quiet and calm...


  1. Lovely looking table and a great way to start a campaign.

  2. Awesome table layout Michael! Really like all the civilians and animals and the like!

  3. After seeing the Arn tempelriddaren miniseries I must agree that it's a fitting campaign setting indeed. My copy of Lion Rampant should be in the mail this week, I'm looking forward to testing it myself here in the eastern frontier of the Realm ;)

  4. Great terrain as ever. Looks like it will be a nice game.

  5. Outstanding looking set up as always!


  6. Amazing table, really inspiring job there! I love the figures too, can't wait for the close ups.

  7. I hope you have a great game tonight and lead the House of Ulvåsa to victory! /Mattias

  8. Fabulous set up! Highly atmospheric.

  9. Looks great as always Michael! I hope you had a jolly nice time last night even though the proper king was not present ...