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Death of the King - TYW AAR #2

During the last weekend of November 2015 I was honourde by a visit of Dan Mersey here in Sweden, one of the days we had a gaming bonanza at the club, tesing out the Pikemans Lament rules we are working on, and sons it just about a year left untill publication I thought it would be nice with some gaming pictures;)

In the first of our games the played out the heroic charge of The Swedish King Gustaf II Adolf, historicaly he was killed during that charge and Dan managed to kill him in our game can read that AAR here.

Anyway, this scenario plays out a part of the Swedish struggle in the center of the Battle of Lützen, 6 november 1632.

I don´t really remember the OOB´s but it was about this:

Swedish OOB

1st Company
3 Pike @ 4 points each
2 Shot @ 4 points each
2 Commanded Shot @ 2 points each

2nd Command
2 Commanded shot @ 2 points each
1 regimental gun @ 4 points

Imperial OOB

1st Company
2 Pike @ 4 points each
4 Shot @ 4 points each

2nd Company
1 Trotter @ 4 points
1 Dragoons @ 4 points

The Battle field of Lützen. Imperials to the left with 2nd Company at the top. Swedes to the right with the 2nd company at the top, and under command of Dan...

Imperial 1st Company...

Swedes 1st company with solid pike line in the center with flanking shot and commande shot andwance forward...all by the drill book of Jonas, that was commanding the company.

Due to the fog and the smoke from the town of Lützen that the Imperial had set to fire all shoting ranges was reduced to 12"

Imperial Trotters made a swift advance to engage the right flank of the Swedish Pike and Shot company... this was only possible due to the lack of flank protection that was suppouse to be provided by the 2nd Swedish Company under Dan´s command...but some how they had got styck during their crossing of some hedges...

The both battle lines slowely advance to fire range...

The Imperial Trotters starte to were down the Swedish shot unit...

With the threath from the Imperial Horses the Swedes start to shift their troops to the right...

Still stuck by the hedges...

Swedish lines pressed from the front and the right side...

The Imperial trotter manage with the support of their dragoons to finish of the swedish shot unit on the right flank, The Swedes send a pike unit to repell the horse...

Now the Imperials have managed to get thei line withing shooting distance and a unit of Pikement up in support of their Horse...

Combined strenght of the Imperials...

Pressure on the Swedish right flank...where are the 2nd company... DAN !!!

The 2nd company had at least crossed the hedges and was slowely advancing against the sound of the battle...

On the right flank the Imperials had an advantage but the Swedes was desperate so they let a unit of pikemen charge the Imperial Trotters that recieved the charge on the halt...

2nd company in the meantime slowely advanced... Dan warned us that he was a bad dice roller...but not this bad... should never given him command of the Swedish King ;)

The Swedish pike had a tought fight with the Imperial trotters that ended in both sides on the retreat...

2nd company in the fog of war, not seing any enemies at all...

The Swedish pike that had so bravely engaged the Imperial trotters was on the run exposing the Swedish right flank even more...

2nd Company more or less in possition...

At the end of the battle the 2nd company at least got to shoot with their gun once...

Despite the problem for the Swedish 2nd company to join in to the fight it was a greate game there the Imperials at the end was winners. My pictures was somewhat focused on the right flank but on the left side the Imperial Shot was shooting the Swedes to bits...

Might have been that the swedes shoud have made more use of their pikes in the offensive, but now they just stod in the center taking imperial fire...maybe waiting for the 2nd companie to arrive...

The third game that we run for the day was a combined game with both scenarios run at the same time...would the Swedish King be able to breakthrough to relieve the Swedish infantry... in that Dan wasn´t given any command... ;)


  1. Great looking game.can't wait for these rules to be released

  2. Cracking looking game as always. Dan just needs to improve his die rolling...

  3. Smashing looking game and wonderful report

  4. It was a great game to participate in! Really nice meeting Dan and geting to try some more Pikeman's Lament. Nice to see such atmospheric pictures. The Lutzen set up really worked. /Mattias

  5. Marvellous minis on a great scenario, as usual. Thanks for sharing.

  6. A most excellent report and images Sir.

  7. Great looking game!!! Thanks for the post!

  8. Awesome report and photos Michael!

  9. Great AAR Michael and thanks for hosting this day full of smashing gaming!

  10. More lovely eye candy! Really looking forward to the release of these rules!

  11. It just all looks superb Michael.

  12. Very cool, a big game as well. Beautifully done!

  13. Well done.
    A great battle description and stunning slideshow.

  14. Great report. I highly enjoyed it.

  15. Wonderful pictures and report Michael.

  16. What can I say? Highlight of my day was definitely escaping from my dice to eat some lunch! The photos are a lovely reminder of an excellent day of gaming … the battle reports less so :-)

  17. Beautiful work! Plenty of eye candy to drool over!


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