Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Harbour brawl 1650 AAR

When I was taking the pictures of my newly painted Swedish warship, I had my son with me and he just had to play a game in the harbour setting we staged for the pictures. So here follows a short AAR of our Harbour brawl game set in Amsterdam 1650 where Danish Privateers (read pirates) tries to steal the Swedish explorer ship that are prepering for an Africa expedition, we ofcourse used the Pikeman´s Lament rules that I´m working on at the moment.

OOB - Swedish sailers and Dutch harbour guards
Officer Captain Henrik Caerloff
1x6 Ship Crew with ships guns @ 6pts
3x12 Harbour guards, Raw Shot @ 3pts each

OOB - Danish Privateers
Officer Captain Peder Fleming
1x6 Ship crew with light ship guns @ 4 pts
2x6 Agressive Privateers @ 4 pts each

The Danes had to get on the Swedish ship and hijack it. On of the Harbour guard units was by the ship and the remaining 2 was reinforcements in turn 2. My son, six years old played the Danes and I got the Swedes...

A quite evening in the Amsterdam harbour only the Danish Privateers are awake...

The Danes advanced from 2 sides...

The Dutch Shot unit decide to block the bridge... and open fire to no vain...

The Danish privateers make a furious charge to chock the Dutch...

The fight at the bridge continues as the Duch get some reinforcements...

To big risk to hit their fellow harbour guards.

The Danish privateers ope up with their ship guns on the Dutch reinforcements and by that awakes the whole town...

As the shoot one can see that the Danes at the bridge managed to chase away the Dutch shot unit...

The Second of the Danish units had made a covered move on the dockside.

chased by a group of Dutch harbour guards...

Danish privateers closing in on the swedish ship...

The Swedish crew get so desperate that they open fire with the ship guns straigt in to the dockside... might not be welcome to Amsterdam next time...

The heavy ship guns deliver some damage to the approaching Danes.

As the Danish privateers ship approaching from the sea side the Swedsih ship open fire there to...

...but dosent do much damage at all...

With enemies comming from all sides tha Swedish crew have a hard time to repulse all a boarding attempt by the danes...

The Swedish Captain in a knife fight with a rude Dane...

The Duch arbour guard tries to in a hurry get to the ship and help out, but they are to slow...

The Swedish Captain are captured and held as a hostage while the Danish privateers get the ship ready to leave the harbour...

The Danes cheer as they set sail and open the beer keg...Tuborg all-around...

Indeed a nice little game and a glad son that one again gave me a beating...


  1. A superb and evocative battle report as always. Nice to know I'm not the only father to take regular beatings from their son!

  2. Lovely little game but nobody fell in the water !

  3. Excellent looking game Michael

  4. What can I say Michael, that is absolutely fabulous!

  5. Great game.
    Great terrain ;-)
    I hear there will be more harbor soon...

  6. I cannot praise the scenery and that awesome ship enough!

  7. Great stuff! Fun scenario! And again: that ship and harbour is fantastic. /Mattias

  8. Looks like a film... stunning looking batrep Michael!

  9. That's a wonderful table, excellent detailing with the terrain.

  10. Incredible scenery and a great BATREP

    I take regular beating from my son on the high seas as well: http://petitguerre.blogspot.com/2014/08/fog-of-war-at-calais-28mm-battle-report.html

  11. No wonder your son wanted to play, THAT's what all of us dream that our wargaming table will look like! And any game that ends with a skål in Tuborg can only be saluted!

  12. Great AAR!

    Loving the setup Michael, I get all sorts of ideas for games.

  13. Splendid pictures, love the details on each of them...Very impressive as always!

  14. Great looking game and terrain

  15. A good game with nice terrain it seems.

  16. As I said before, excellent set up and absolutely awesome ships! Must have been a joy to have a game or two with it.

  17. Very pretty tabletop! Who makes the musketeer miniatures you were using?

    1. Tanks. All the Dutch musketeer are Warlord plastic pike and shot minis.

  18. Brilliant batrep, Michael - and some lovely terrain as well!

  19. Wow - another amazing-looking game. Incredible.

  20. Yay for victory for the danes... I was rooting for them! Well I am a Dane and I thought it was awesome that your son played them. 6 years. Impressive.




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