Friday, February 12, 2016

Mounted Crusaders

I continue to paint for my Swedish Crusader project, this time some Mounted Crusaders. They will also be used for the Project F. as my matey Jonas are calling our joint secret project. Also our matey Jesper are involved in the Project F, more info to come about that...

My mounted crusaders are build from the FireForge mounted sergeants with some added bit from the Gripping Beast Vikings/Saxons and Dark age Warriors, Ofcourse I have uses my own 1,2,3 basing system :)


  1. The flags really help add that sense of action and movement. Really good work as usual.

  2. Superb. I love the way you do your shields.

  3. Looking good. Your round 1, 2, 3 basing is really starting to grow on me.
    What are they, mounted sergeants with bows?

    1. Thanks matey! So we Will soon see 1,2,3 basing at you blog ;)

      I Will use them as mounted jord during the 12th century and later on as Svenner to support the proper knights, suppouse that would be mounted sergeants or maybe squires. I added the shooting weapons to add flavour and make it possible to arm them with bows or crossbows if feel like it.

  4. Great work as always. I like how you base your figures too.

  5. Looks real good. I will start using your 1,2.3 basing too.

  6. Excellent looking unit! Your work on the different patterns is ace.


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