Wednesday, January 3, 2018

First Swedes for our salute 2018 game

I have just finished painting the first Swedes for our Salute 2018 game "Battle at Stäket 1719" one unit of 12 minis representing a company in our game and a Batallion command unit of 6 minis with 4 Company colors for the 4 Companies in the batalion. 3 more 12 man compaies on the painting table. This unit will represent the 1st batalion of Södermanlands Regiment, Jesper are in the progress of painting the 2nd batalion from the same regiment.

The banners are from the banner drawings that are keept at the Swedish War Archive. The White banner are for the 1st Company and the 3 yellow ones are for Company 2-4 in the 1st Batalion, Company 5-8 in the Second Batalion also had the yellow banners.

All Swedish minis are from the exelente Ebor Miniatures Great Northern War range.