Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Russian Infantry for Battle at Stäket 1719

I been working on more Russians for our Salute 2018 game "Battle at Stäket 1719". The Russians landed troops from at least 10 different regiment all with more or less different uniforms colours so it was a mix of Green, Blue, Red and White uniforms.

Below you can see the 42 minis I just finished that have the White uniform as well as some characters in Green uniform and some additions to the Blue ones to (That I originaly painted as 1670ish Swedes for my Scanian War project but they work as fine for 1819 Russians to). I included the units with Red and also the Green clad Grenadiers in some of the Pictures.

The last picture as of some Renedra plastic ridge tents for the Swedish camp.

All in all I now have 145 minis finished for the Russians, more to come...

All minis are from the Wargames Factory Plastic WSS infantry box, exccept for the mounted commander that I belive are from the WF Artillery box and the 3 Grenclad characters that Im not really sure of but a guess would be Wargames Illustrated Historical Character, Unknown and a Foundry mini.


  1. Hmmm, those are lovely and now I want to play on the Russians side. Time to practice bad Russian accents;)

  2. Isn't that the John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough from Wargames Illustrated? Lovely looking forces ;)

  3. Great job on these all around! Tents came out excellent!

  4. I always enjoy your posts. The Russian Commander with the telescope is [I think] the Marlborough Figure from Wargame Illustrated. I've just painted one myself.


  5. Excellent and you've made those plastic figures look very appealing.

  6. Lovely camp and figures, a fantastic attention to details...