Saturday, January 27, 2018

A few more pictures of my 8mm minis

I found a bunch of pictures from when I based and painted my Perry "TravelBattle" 8mm minis for my minimized playtest board of Rebels and Patriots.

The last 3 pictures are from the 1st game I and my son David played with the 8mm minis and board.


  1. Very effective Michael. It reminds me that I need to put a new gaming mat on my 2'x2' board, as the current one is looking rather forlorn.

  2. How do the rules work in small scales? Don't have the space or budget for 28mm at the moment, but was thinking about 15s.

    1. Hi Andrew
      i ould say they work very fine,, might want to use cm instead of ". My matey Steve J that helped out with the playtestin run it in 10mm, you can have a look at his blog

      best regards Michael

  3. Thanks! What would you recommend for base sizes (if using your 1 2 3 method)?


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