Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dux Britanniarum are in the building...

Today I got my copy of the Dux Brianniarum, cards and the special Arthur mini:)

Very nice products indeed, some howe i did expect to get a hardback book...don´t know were I did get that from, anyway, I´m realy pleased with the quality of the rulebook and ofcourse the stunning A3 map, realy lovely. I still haven´t read it all yet...

The cards was realy nice but I have to get me some card sleevs to protect them.

The Arthur minis was a realy nice sculpt and will of course find its way in to my Roman-British warband.


  1. Arrggh!!! the idiot postman hit the Continent from the UK and then turn north... when is my bloody bundle expecting to reach Madrid????

  2. I'm really envious!
    How come that the German postal service seems to be the slowest in the world? The book appeared overseas in no time. But nobody round here has received his book yet, though I'm pretty sure that some (including me) were among the first to pre-order. That's just annoying...


  3. Have finally caved in and order a set of the rules and cards. Great feel to these rules and love this period.


  4. Annibal, you are not alone! I live within spitting distance of Dalauppror and I have not gotten my book. Meanwhile, folks in Georgia, USA and in New Zealand have. Life is not fair!

  5. I think there are two "waves" of orders. I am expecting mine with a lot of expectation.


  6. That map looks lovely!

    I was hoping to get my pre-order today too (I also live in Sweden), but alas, I will have to continue reading my pdf.


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