Friday, August 3, 2012

Vikings vs. Anglo-Danish AAR

Last monday I introduced my friend Sören in to some SAGA gaming in wait for Dux Brittanniarum to arrive...

We run the clash of warlord scenario Sören bossing with the Vikings and I commanding the Anglo-Danes.


Warlord - Runolf the Red
1x4 Bersearkers
3x4 Heatguards
2x8 Warriors

Warlord - Sweyn Veggr
2x4 Heatguards with two handed axes
2x12 Warriors
1x12 Levys

Forgot to photo the setup... this is after two turns of Vikings advancement with the major part of the small village, only defended by some ill coordinated levy archers...

The rest of the Anglo-Danes had formed a nice sheild wall just outside the village expecting the Vikings to charge headlong...

Panic in the village as the vild vikings approaches... the levys tryed to put up a fight but was quite fast overrun and slughterd as livestock.

The poor Anglo-Danish levys tryed to put up a fight but was quite fast overrun and slughterd as livestock. The viking consolidated within the village planing to use it as a launchboard fore a attack in the flank of the Anglo-Danish shieldwall.

The Anglo-Danish warlord Sweyn now advanced with the main part of he´s men only sending a small group of heathguards to secure the flank against the threat in the village...

Runolf the Red took the bait and started to move his warband away from the village, also moving the bersearkers forward from their possision in the rear, to meet the Anglo-Danes in the open...

Several turns of combat followed, Runolf the Red seemed to have the best fighters around and the victory was close...

The Anglo-Danish warlord Sweyn Veggr was desperate, he had to show how was the man for the day and charged in to a last single combat with the Viking warlord...

A fierce fight took place and several warriors and heatguards on both sides sacrificed their lives for theirs warlord...

After the dust had cleard Runolf the Red laid slain on the ground and the remaining vikings was fleeing for their ship. Sweyn Veggr raised he´s blody axe in the sky...FREEEEEDOM;)

Anglo-Danish Victory 16 to 15...not to decisive.

This was a good and very close fight, and I think Sören was hooked by the SAGA hype:) 


  1. Great report, and I'm very inspired by your village.

  2. Nice a report and a great way to get someone hooked on the game. A hard fought battle with a close win at the end.

  3. Looking real good. Really like how the hill with the village blends into the table!

  4. Great AAR :-) thanks for posting. Do you think you will one day do a Saga report like tha DBA one you did way back on youtube?


  5. Fantastic report and photos Michael. I will finally get my first Saga game on Wednesday night. Looking forward to it.

  6. Photos are really amazing, and the AAR very nice, great work!

  7. As always stuning miniatures and terrain :)



  8. Thanks my friends !

    Glad you likeed th AAR and my minis:)

    The Terrain are madu by my friend rickard, I´ll be sure to let him know you appreciate it;)

    @Jason, might be a AAR move up on your request:)

    Best regards Michael

  9. Very interesting AAR. Your terrain and minis are wonderful.