Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Swedish Interwar 28mm Infantry

My friend Björn have a greate interest in Swedish Interwar Infantry, so he have actually commissioned a serie of 15! 28mm minis, 12 regulars, 2 Officers and a regular with LMG.

They have uniforma and equipment to work for Swedish Infantry 1910-1939.

They are sculped by Aaron Brown at Black Crab Sculpting Studio

Here are some greens of the first 4 infantry regulars.


  1. What interesting figures! I am tempted to get some for a VBCW...if they are available.
    I like the Swedish tricorne in use around that period also- they would make excellent figures.Even ww1 Lanstrum in civilian clothes and tricorne.

  2. Great minis ! As I really like the Interwar period, I'm of course interested by these new minis. :)

  3. Glad you like them, There will be minis with tricorns to, the 12 infantry will have a mix of caps, tricorns and helmets 4 of each.

    The minis will be available during this autum more info as soon as I get it

    Best regards Michael

  4. Beyond cool! I could actually get a mini that looks like grandpa did when he joined up in 1939!
    Michael, please keep us posted on this.

  5. Very interesting initiative. I have been thinking about something similar for our Africa War...

    These minis are really fine, a great work with them.



  6. Very interesting, if these are inter-war, what is the point of having them?

    1. You got a point there Ray:)

      Especially as Sweden didn´t even participate either in the first or the second...