Friday, August 10, 2012

Swedish Interwar 28mm Infantry #3

Here are pictures of the last 4 regulars for my friend Björns Swedish Interwar 28mm Infantry this time in the Tricorne.

A swedish platoon by the time was composed of:

1x Platoon commander (Sabre and Pistol)
1x 2nd in command (Sabre and Pistol)
2x Runners (Rifle)
4x Rifle squads (12 men each, 11 with Rifles and 1 with LMG)

In total 52 men


  1. Wonderful figures, at last someone does Swedes of this period in tricorne! I had been tempted on and off by the Holger Erickisson ones in the past.
    Some questions:
    What rules are you intending to use?
    Will there be intervention from other countries and their troops in your Very Swedish Civil War?
    Are you having Landstum type figures made or getting seperate heads for conversions instead?

  2. Nice to hear that you are interested Tradgardsmastare!
    Which Landstorms hat are you thinking of? The tricorne used by the army (m/10) is very similar to the one used by the Landstorm (m/1907). Later the Landstorm got the m/26 hat, which was similar to the army's m/23 (see Dalaupprorets first picture).
    But I'm thinking of maybe getting a few Landstorm figures made. If you have any ideas I would be happy to hear them!

  3. Bjorn
    What an interesting range of figures you are commissioning!
    My ideas are as follows- figure in early tricorne in jacket,waistcoat and trousers, cavalry figures mounted and dismounted and winter kit infantry in fur hat etc. I also wondered about Norwegian inf figure in pre ww2 uniform if you intend to other countries intervening in the civil war...
    Finally I wonder if you intend to allow other interested people to buy the figures or are you only getting some made for your personal use?
    best wishes

  4. I think that the figures will be made available to any one interested. Right now I'm talking to some mouldmakers about it.

    I like your ideas, but it will be mainly a question about money really. If people buy the figures I can finance Aaron to sculpt more.

    No, I don't think that there will be any Norwegians. They would be long way down the list, and I have no reference books about them. But when I have finished all Swedes, who knows? :-)

    The list is like this right now: 1 More head variants, 2 Dismounted cavalry, 3 Early Landstorm, 4 Cavalry, 5 Heavy Machine gun team, 6 Mortars, 7 Armed "Lottor", 8 Norwegians, 9 Broke. :-)

    1. Interesting choice of list- I can't wait to see them in production.
      What are "Lottor" by the way?