Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dux Britanniarum first game AAR

Here comes a short AAR of my and Jonas first tryout game of Britanniarum from TooFatLardies.

Jonas Commanded my Romano-British and I took command of my generic Saxons. We started to roll for the Character but only all the way for the Warlords as we was a little short of time and the main focus was to try out the rule engine.

OOB as per the rules.

Warlord "Wselfwulf" and his Champion "Wyman"
Two relatives to the Warlord as Leaders, "Abrecan" and "Bana"
2x6 Elit Warriors
3x6 Warriors
1x4 Missile (Slingers)


Warlord "Titus Claudius Cogidubnus" and his Champion "Vindicus"
Two close friends as Leaders, "Marcifilius" and "Morganius"
1x6 Elit Warriors
2x6 Warriors
3x6 Levy
1x4 Missile (Archers)

We rolled for scenario and got the Farm Raid, the Saxons got 3 turns of movement befor the game started.

The river was in the Saxons way and with just one passable ford...the rest of it was impassible due to heavy rains the last days...

The Saxon warlord Wselfwulf sent he´s slingers to the left to be able to shower the British from the saftey of the river. At the same time Abrecan and he´s Saxon Warriors had managed to get cross the river ans reached the farm to start the loot of the duildings...

At the same time the British warlord Cogidubnus and all his Warriors emerged close to the farm and started to advance forward the farm...

So far so good, nice with random movement, usualy 3D6" if there arn´t any obstacle in the way like a ford or a stone fence... you have to use all the movement rolled, if you haven´t clearly stated where you want the unit to move.

Yet more British forces emerged from the Saxon left...the Saxons still had problem to get over the river... and they didn´t find any loot in the house...

At the farm the first battles started to emerge...The main part of the Saxons still struggled to get pass tha ford and the Britts had a hard time to get cross the enclosed field...

The British levy managed to make a swift advance in to the Saxon slingers...that disperse and took no more part in this raid...

If the missile-slinges had been skirmish-javelin, they would have thrown there sticks and retreated, but missile troops contacted by formed troops are dispersed for the rest of the game...Should have used then differently...

The British Elite Warriors managed to beat the Saxons in the house that after a fierce and close battle made a run fore it to the ford, creating havoc amongst ther own comrades in arms.

If a unit gets, double the amount of men left in it, of schock, they are out of buissness for the game and just try to get home as quickly as possible. The arrow markers are 1 chock and the dead markers are 3 chock.

Warlord "Wselfwulf" still tryed to lead his men to the farm for some plunder...but there was plenty of British warriors there already...and more was comming at the back, risking to cut of the retreat...

After some more intense fighting at the outskirt of the farm a unit of Saxon elit warriors broke due exsess chock...heading back to the ships in a haste...

Both forces roll for Warband Morale Value at the begining of the game and for each unit lost och Hero wounded the Morale drop... at this time the Saxons had lost 5 of 7 points....

After a failed last push in to the farm by a unit of Saxon elit warriors Warlord "Wselfwulf" decided that there was better to save the rest of the men for a nother day, he ordered hes Warband to start to withdraw back to the ships....

It had been a close shot for Titus Claudius Cogidubnus as the only undamaged units left for the british was the Levy, he was still glad that he´s forces had managed to repell the Saxon invaders...

This was a realy nice game and we learned alot of the rules and will absolutly play different next time. The rules are quite easy and run realy smoth, it was sometimes hard to find rules during the game, but we will both read them some more to get them right next time.

Please make a visit to Jonas blog "A Conflict of Interests" to and read about the battle from the British point of view:) 


  1. Sounds like you had fun!! That farm raid scenario is tough for the Saxons - the looting tests are difficult to succeed with!

  2. Another great AAR, amazing photos!

  3. Great AAR and superb terrain.



  4. Thanks Mates !

    Glad you enjoyed my AAR:)

    Best regards Michael

  5. Great report Michael - how do you feel the two Dux compare?



  6. That's a great looking game Michael.

  7. Sounds like an interesting game, great table and figs too. Did it "feel" suitable Dark Ages?

  8. Good report, especially given my interest in these rules :)


  9. Thanks !

    The Campaign system and the fate cards make it feel dark age to me:)

    Best regards Michael

  10. Super pics and a really nice AAR!