Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Swedish Interwar 28mm Infantry #2

Here are some pictures of 4 more of Björns Swedish Interwar 28mm Infantry. This time in helmets.

The Swedish infantry squad by the time was composed of:
1x Gruppchef / Squad leader with rifle
1x Stf. gruppchef / 2nd in command with rifle
1x Skytt / LMG gunner with LMG m/21
9x Skyttar / Riflemen

In total 12 men.


  1. How much did they cost to commission?

  2. Super figures indeed.Got any photos of the tricorn wearing chaps yet?
    What sort of gaming is your friend going to do with the figures- skirmish ?
    Who will be the opposition?

  3. @Fran I have´t been enlighted about the cost by Björn, I´ll check if he wants to give it avay...

    @Alan. Tricorn photos in a day or so.

    The minis will be used in our "Very British Civil War" BUT located in Sweden during the 1930´s.

    Our historical starting point are the tragic use of lethal force by Swedish Military agains demonstrators in Ådalen 1931. From this event our alternative history will proceed in to a Moderate Swedish Conflict...

    Best regards Michael

  4. Tell us more of your background it is fascinating...