Sunday, May 12, 2013

24h run of FIW #1

Just got a stupid idea this afternoon...wanted to try something different when playing Muskets & Tomahawks tomorrow at the club night.

We talked last time about geting some British regulars to even out the french ones, I got a bunch of those for my AWI Brittish, but I don´t want to re-base and they still would not have the right uniform.

So searching through my leadpile for a easy solution I stumbled over some of my first American continentals painted some 15 years ago and not based the same way as my current AWI collection...

So...rebasing 24 minis and give them a quick repaint so they look a bit more like New Jersey Provincials in about 24 hours are the plan...just have to go to work, take care of the kids and ofcourse blog about it to...I hope I make it untill to morrow evening, wish me luck:)

Here a pictures of the minis as I started to remove them from the old bases...


  1. Good luck Michael I am sure these will look great

  2. Good luck, Michael, a really difficult task!

  3. Clever! Any time you can repurpose something and bring it back to the table is a big win!

  4. You, sir, are utterly nuts. But I do love all your crazy projects. :)

    Good luck! I hope to see them on the table tomorrow night ...

  5. Thanks for your Support:)

    They will for sure be on the gaming table to morrow , the question are how do they look...good enought I hope.

    Best regards Michael

  6. Good luck and dig deep to find the energy!