Monday, May 13, 2013

24h run of FIW #5


At least here in Sweden there is early morning, it was even erlier when I got up and started to paint the Highlight on my 24 Provincials for tonights M&T game at the club.

So far I have highligted the blue, red and the yellow lacing on the hatt, and also some gray on the stones on the bases...

I´m now of to work and hope to fix the flags and maybe some more highlighting before the evening and gaming time.

Have a nice day !


  1. What a rush! But with excellent results.

    Sadly, with such fresh paintjob I forsee that they will suffer the "New Painted Model Syndrome" and die or rout off table straight away. ;-)

  2. Haveing a break from the painting at work...

    @Mattias, as you stated, they probably rout in the first turn, they are after all only provincals in new uniforms, not used to wilderness fighting;)

    Best regards Michael

  3. Excellent! Wonderful looking troops Michael!