Friday, May 17, 2013

A Moderate Swedish Conflict

Inspired by the wargaming concept a Very British Civil War some of my mates at our gaming club wanted to do something similar, BUT located in Sweden during the 1930´s.

Our historical starting point were the tragic use of lethal force by Swedish Military agains demonstrators in Ådalen 1931. From this event our alternative history will proceed in to a Moderate Swedish Conflict...

At the moment we are still just in the planing stage, but one of my friends, Björn did even commission some 28mm Swedish Interwar Infantry more then a year ago and unfortunally had some problem with the caster BUT it seems to have sorted out as he have got the first samples and a general release now seems closer when ever:)

I will keep you posted here and I hope that Björn also will update his blog dedicated to his project Ådalenminiatures.

Here are a short filmclip from the 1969 film Ådalen 31 (released as Adalen Riots in the US)


  1. Perfect for skirmish wargaming!

  2. Now this could fire the imagination, a fabulous idea Michael.

  3. Really looking forward to the figures being cast and available.Interesting project you indeed have...

  4. Very nice! I hope that your project kicks off and that you can add the cavalry, MGs and mortars.

  5. You find the most fascinating projects, Michael! As always, I will watch and learn.

    As for the subject and the clip, it is always terribly sad when any government turns its guns on its own unarmed citizens.