Friday, May 10, 2013

Mohawk Slaughter M & T AAR

Here are some pictures from one of our lates Muskets & Tomahawk games at the club.

We used about 600 points a side, the French got the slaughter mission and the English the Scout mission... yes I know that this isn´t the easyest game for the English side, but the best was that my Mohawks just had switched side to the French;) I recall it...the only sure number are my Indians:)

1x Regular leader
1x8 Regular Infantry
1x6 Militia
1x6 Indians

1x Regular leader
1x10 Regulars
1x6 Militia
1x5 Indians

1x Indian leader
4x6 Bloodthirsty Warriors

1x Irregular leader
3x8 Rangers

2x Indian leaders
6x5 Warriors

2x Civillian leaders
4x6 Civillians

Anyway here comes a bunch of pictures of our game and a few comments my point of wiew i.e. the French indians.

Lots of civillians trying to hide and hope for the Ranges to come and save them and their moonshine machine.

Advancinge froggys emerge from the deep forest...

The civillians gather up to protect their valuable moonshiner.

French forces advance, the indians close to the small village to start the slaughter...

The Rangers are here, praise the lord! ...our moonshine are saved...

French regulars and militia protect the left flank and let the indians do the dirty work....don´t want to spoil the white uniforms I reckon...

The bloodthirsty french indians makes some swift moves in the the village to start the slaughter...

The indians comes from everywhere...

The rest of the french force just sits back and watch... -demander à quelqu'un d'avoir un verre de vin?
excuse my french...

French victory are close...

The indians seem to have forgott the hard hitting Rangers that in a very coordinated volly disperce most of the indians...

Not many indians left...

Lesson learnt, don´t advance with the indians in the open;)

The rest of the French force got a brutal awakening, seeing their allied indians running all ower the place...

The last of the Mohawks...was gathered by their leader...

General advance for most of the French forces...and som pesky indians leaving the field in a hurry...

With the support of the French regulars and Militia, the last few of the Mohawks could concentrate on slaughtering the civilians... One of the civilian groupes baricaded them selfs in a cabin, but the Mohawks soon had broken the door down...

The Mohawks continued to chase the Civillian amongst the houses as they was shoot to pieces by the British rangers... By a last epic strugle the Mohawk war chief managed to kill of the last of the Civilians and the British force was doomed...

Greate game, sorry for the one sided AAR, but I only had a few indians keft that could tell the story;)

Must say that I think M&T work extremly well and smouth for group gaming, all 5 players had something to do at almost all time during the game.

More Muskets & Tomahawk will be played and one start to get thought about what other settings the rules would work well for...realy looking forward to the Napoleonic supplement they are working on...


  1. Great AAR Michael and stunning looking minis and terrain :)

  2. Great AAR! Nice to see so many nicely painted minis in action.

  3. Figures and terrain look great! Cheers, Simon

  4. Fantastic looking game Michael!

  5. Great AAR Michael! It was nice to be on the winning side for once. :)

  6. Wonderful looking battle...I love the Mohawks and the battlefield!!

  7. Not only a great report but what a stunning table, I'm particularly taken by the moonshine still.

  8. The winners can write the story how they like. I love that the fight was over a still.

  9. A fantastic AAR. Your game table is wonderful!!!

  10. Fantastic AAR. I need to finish some more Indians!!

  11. Bloody lovely Michael, visually stunning!

  12. You always set the best table, Michael! Great AAR and I'm thinking, have the Mohawks lost yet?

  13. Super looking table and report!


  14. Beautiful table and minis. M&T has REALLY taken off!!


  15. Micheal, this looks really really amazing!

  16. Thank you mateys !

    Realy glad you like the pictures and AAR even some what one sided, and I think it realy is as Monty mentioned, my Indians are still un beaten...might be that Jonas recall different, but I dont;)

    For the terrain this time I dictated most of the set-up, as I wanted it fotogenic:) I also want to say thanks to our club mate Jesper that built the greater parts of the terrain, especially the greate moonshine still, well woth fighting over:)

    Best regards Michael

  17. Very nice looking game. Haven't tried M&T yet, but my enthusiasm is building. AAR like this help!

  18. Fantastic looking terrain and figures.

  19. Then you !!!

    M&T have proven to be a very nice set of rules, ofcourse I realy wold like to use them in some sort of Swedish History related setting...

    Best regards Michael

  20. Fantastic looking game and photography. Excellent work. Best, Dean

  21. Excellent AAR with beautiful terrain and figs. We tried M&T few weeks ago and loved it

  22. This looks so good. We're just getting into this game, and your blog is a tremendous inspiration.


  23. Thank you !!!

    @FMB: Appreciated comment glad to be able to inspire !

    Best regards Michael

  24. Wow, I have missed much good reading and fantastic photos Dala. There is much posted on Little Wars blogs instead of the forum. Have to catch up!

    Seen this?