Monday, May 27, 2013

Painted minis from the Swedish Inter war range

Got these pictures from my friend Björn of the 15 minis that at the moment are his 28mm Swedish Inter war infantry range, might be more to come, like support weapons. All minis painted by Björn.

I also got a first indication of the pricing for the minis that will be sold direct by the caster in the States.
  • Full Set of 15 figures: $28.50 
  • Set of 7 (one head gear + 3 command): $13.50 
  • Set of 4 (one head gear): $8.00 
  • Set of Command (3 figures): $6.00
  • Singel figure: $2.5
The prices are not comfirmed but will be as soon as the caster get them up on his webpage.

By the way Björn have set up a new blog for his Ådalen Miniature Range, so if you have linked to the old one please change the adress. You will find his new blog here.

Björn also provided this size copmparison picture of Empress miniatures vs. Ådalen miniatures.


  1. Fine figures and a fascinating new blog Bjorn has created.

  2. Fantastic poses, and great painting style!

  3. 15mm you say? Wow, that is seriously talented brushwork - very impressive miniatures too.

    1. Sorry Michael if I wasn´t cleare about the scale, there are 15 minis but they are all 28mm scale;)

      Best regards Michael

  4. Very nice and special figures. And a good paintjon as well.


  5. We are getting spoilt with the quality and range of figures that are being produced these days. Lovely sculpts and painting.

  6. Another voice saying, "very well done!" Great sculpting and great painting!

  7. Thanks all for your kind words. I think most credits should go to the photografer, he did a smashing job.