Friday, June 14, 2013

15mm Bolshevik Russian Civil War Army

Here comes some pictures of my 15mm Bolshevik army for the Russian Civil War that have been stored away for some time now...

Red Sailor Infantry
So as i´m more of a 28mm man nowardays they was sold to a wargamer in Australia

The minis are 15mm from Peter Pig and are based on 3x3cm plastic bases with magnet bottom.

The army are composed of:

1x Command stand (3minis)
7x Red flag men (7 foot + 1 mounted)
1x Mortar with 2 crew
3x Masim HMG with 3 crew
1x Field gun with 4 crew
1x Limber for Field gun (2 men and 2 horses)
1x Tchanka with 3 crew, 1 Maxim HMG and 4 horses
4x Red cavalry, 2 minis on horse on each base (8 minis)
16x Red infantry, 3 minis on each base, (48 minis)
6x Red Sailor infantry, 3 minis on each base (18 minis)
4x Partisans, 2 minis on each base (7 minis and 1 wolfhound)
1x Airplane with magneted airbase

As a extra Bonus I added a unpainted White Russian Civil War army for free, that army are composed of 30 cavalry minis, 80 infantry minis, 3 Maxim HMG, 1 Mortar, 1 Field Gun, enought minis to build a similar size army as the Bolsheviks, see the last picture below.

Bolshevik army
Bolshevik army from the White air surveillance;)
Red Infantry
Red Cavalry and partisans

Commander, Maxims and Mortar

Tchanka, Field Gun and Airplane
White army for free


  1. These are amazing, I can't believe they are 15mm!

  2. A superb looking collection Michael but you are like me, clearing out the old to make way for the new.

  3. Excellent minis. Well done. If I had the cash, I would buy them.

  4. Unfortunately not my period but really lovely figures. Almost too good to give `em away.

  5. What a terrific army! I went through a phase of painting some Copplestone 25mm stuff - I had no idea there were 15mm options as well. Great stuff.


  6. Lovely work! Someone is going to be thrilled to get their hands on these fellows.

  7. Great army Micheal but i already go a huge flames of war russian army...... 70-80 tanks+ allot of inf and guns :)

  8. Great looking armies, good luck to you!

  9. Thank you for very nice comments !!!

    The minis are now on their way to down under;)

    Best regards Michael

  10. They are very nice. Now, the Revolution goes to Australia!!!

  11. They look great! I'm sure he will be very happy!