Monday, June 24, 2013

Battle at the ford #2,Hail Caesar AAR

Some days ago I posted a first AAR of the "Battle at the ford" that I and Jonas played throught using the Dux Bellorum rules. This time we play the same scenario, using similar Armys but with the Hail Caesar Rules.   We used the army lists and stats from the "Hail Caesar Army Lists - Late Antiquity to early Medieval" book



Warlord, cmd:8
1x Unit of Teulu medium cavalry with spears
1x Unit of Teulu mediaum infantry with spears

Leader, cmd:8
4x Units of Priodaur light infantry with spears
1x Small unit of Bonnedih light infantry with bows

Leader, cmd:8
2x Small units of Light cavalry with javelins
2x Small unit of Bonnedih light infantry with bows

comment: according to the HC army list the Welsh may not have more then one cavalry unit, the Teulu, but sins Jonas in the first Dux Bellorum game had several cavalry units, we allowed him to field some Light Cavalry as per the Arthurian-British list to get as similar army lists as the fisrst game as possible.


Warlord, cmd:8
3x Units of Heavy Cavalry with spears

Leader, cmd:8
3x Units of British medium infantry with spears and shields

Leader, cmd:8
2x Units of Feoderati medium infantry warband with swords and javelines

As in the last game the main objective was to control the 2 fords, one by the road and one further up the stream. It was possible to cros the stream at all it´s lenght but at the fords they could do it without any penalty.

All units started of board and tha Arthurian-British got the first initiative.

The British mad good use of the initiative and sent al the heavy cavalry forward in a speedy march to the ford, the Feoderatis was sent to the secondary ford to protect it from the Welsh and the British infantry was left in a cloud of dust from the adwancing glory boys in the Heavy cavalry units...

The Welshmen concentrated their force by the ford, sending all the Priodaur light infantry throught a forest forward to the ford and the Warlord with his monuted and dissmounted Teulu´s advanced in the open to try to stop the approaching Britich Heavy cavalry...

Comments: even using 2/3 of all distances the movement in HC are realy quick especialy when the game are played on a 120x120cm table.

The Arthurian Heavy Cavalry didn´t realy make it across the ford and the column ended in a rather awkward situation...

As expecter then cunning welsh men draw advantage of the Heavy cavalry in the ford and charged with the mounted Teulu with disaterous effect for the Romano-British... but also the mounte Teulu was lost...

The Romano-British Heavy Cavalry worked their way out of the ford and Charged the Foot Teulu... but they was a hard nut to chrack...impossible as it turned out as all the Heavy Cavalry men was slain...

The situation got even wors for the Romano.British when the victorious Welsh Teulu continued to charge the last Heavy Cavalry unit in the side...

The Heavy cavaly unit was forced to retreat and ended almost in the sea...

While an epic battle had been fought by the main ford the Feoderate Warriors had apporached the secondary ford to meet the threat? from the skirmishing Welshmen.

The Romano-British infantry continued their duck march on the road to the main ford probably intimidating by the sight of the butchered heavy cavalry...

The Romano-British infantry puch on as the Welsh retreat or keep hiding in the forest...

As the Romano-British infantry arrive to the main ford the last of the Heavy Cavalry units have gor their nose bloddy in a last fight with the Welsh Teulu. The Heavy Cavalry are forced to retreat out in the Sea and are lost...

Welsh Teulu mocking the Romano-British Warlord...

In pure rage the Romano-British warlord order the newly arrived infantry to form a battle line and win the day for him...

The Welsh respond by sending out the men that have been hiding in the forest to support their brave unit of Teulus.

The Welsh Teulu are charged by a unit of British infantry that wan´t to showof in the presence of their Warlord...

All in no vain...the Teulus slay the poor Britts like sheeps and win the day for their Warlord !

The Romano-Brittish forces that are left decid to retreat and leav the field in the hands of the Welshmens...

Yet one more very nice game, fast and furious:)  Compared to the Dux Bellorum game it was more fast paced, much due to the movement rates and a more unforgiving combat system that settle a fight in a couple of rounds. 

Dux Bellorum combats represent the shieldwall brawl in a better way as you most often spend several turns in contact wering down the enemys shieldwall piece by piece.

Tonight I and Jonas will run the third "Battle at the ford" using the Dux Britanniarum rules, more about that fight in a week or so...


  1. Great report about an even greater game. Really enjoyed reading your AAR and the pics you did are ACE! Looking forward to the next AAR.

  2. Interesting comparisons. I look forward to the Dux Britanniarum report.

  3. Lovely... Gret to,hear the first comparison!

  4. As Chris mentions, interesting and look forward to the comparisons in the next report.

  5. That is some SERIOUS eye candy you have there! Lovely work, looking forward to Dux Brit!

  6. Good AAR and I'm curious to hear how DB rates in this mix.

  7. Fantastic looking game and looking forward to seeing how it plays out on Dux Britanniarum.


  8. Wonderful stuff, very nice looking game.

  9. Excellent AAR as usual Michael!

    Another cracking game this one – and not only because my Welsh was victorious. This time the dice gods were truly smiling upon me; I can't remember the last time I rolled this many 6s and 5s in a game. I've only played HC once before but it's a very nice set of rules that plays very fast, perfect for large battles.

    We played the final game last night, using Dux Britanniarum. You'll have to wait for the AAR but I can say that it was a really close fought battle with heroic (or mad?) charges and grinding shieldwall action, just as it should be in dark ages warfare!

  10. Thanks for a couple of great AAR's.
    I have been thinking of getting Hail Caesar.
    This may have made my mind up now as I want a fast paced game with a result in a evenings gaming.
    Excellent stuff

  11. Great AAR Michael, great looking armies too. I really have to give HC a go soon.


  12. Thanks Mateys !

    Glad you liked the AAR. As Jonas mentioned we run the same scenarion using the Dux Britanniarum rules yesterday, it turned out to be a realy nice game, more about that in the upcomming AAR:) by the weekend I hope...

    Best regards Michael

  13. Michael, would love a stand alone comparison of the three systems - Dux Brit, Dux Bel, HC. My hypothesis is that Dux Brit is ideal for the campaign and raids while HC might be more efficient for larger battles with many models and units.

  14. Your games always look so good!